Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply- Top Recommendations

Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply of 2016

Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply- Top Recommendations

The older versions of Raspberry Pi did not require much power, and so they were manageable with the USB power cable. But the newer versions of Pi like the Raspberry Pi 2 or even upgraded Raspberry Pi 3 need some constant and efficient power supply. If you are finding a power supply for your beloved Raspberry Pi, especially for newer versions,  then this list of the best Raspberry Pi power supply will help you greatly.

You may know that the requirement of a power supply depends on the output devices which you have connected to Raspberry Pi in your particular project. That means power supply need may increase if you connect and use more interfaces. Basically, the Raspberry Pi requires +5v @2A power supply except Raspberry Pi 3 which needs slightly high power. The main reason behind this may be the inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth capability it has.

You can power your Raspberry Pi via 3 ways.

  1. Raspberry Pi PSU (portable power adapter)
  2. Via GPIO
  3. Via USB ports

An external power adapter is an easiest and recommended way to power your Raspberry Pi kit which uses a Micro USB power input port to do the job. Now, let’s check the most sought power supply units for Raspberry Pi devices today.

1. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply

CanaKit Power supply is different from other power supplies available in the market because it’s providing 2.5A to your Raspberry Pi. It is a small, lightweight, and portable PSU which specially designed for the Pi 3. If your project requires an external high power supply, then it is an ideal micro USB power supply unit. It is also available with the complete Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit from CanaKit.

Specification & features of CanaKit power supply:

  • UL Listed Raspberry Pi power adapter which matches with the 2.5A need of Pi 3
  • Modified for the easier daily use
  • Output 5V/2.5A DC & 100V to 240V AC Input
  • It has a flexible design so that you can move it around easily
  • Suitable for all Raspberry Pi versions (Pi 2, Pi 3, Model A+, model B+)
  • It comes with 5 feet cord length

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2. The Pi Hut Raspberry Pi Micro USB Power Supply

USA Raspberry Pi MicroIt is the cheapest micro USB power charger on the market today. Mainly, This Pi Hut designed PSU is CE certified so that you can use it with your Raspberry Pi anywhere in the world.

Features of Pi Hut Raspberry Pi 2 Power Charger:

  • Output 5V/1.5A DC
  • It is specially manufactured for Raspberry Pi models
  • CE/FCC certification makes it a globally usable unit
  • Depending on the region you live in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, etc. it comes with one particular and suitable outlet adapter
  • It is protected by short circuit and overload situations, so you can use it worry-free in your complex Raspberry Pi projects

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3. NorthPada Raspberry Pi 2 Power Wall Supply Charger

NorthPada Raspberry Pi 2 Power Wall Supply Charger

NorthPada power supply is not only used for Raspberry Pi models but also utilized for all Android smartphones and tablets. You can say it is a great Raspberry Pi power adapter with proper amperage.

Specification of NorthPada Raspberry Pi power supply:

  • It comes with 1.7m long cable, so even if you place your Pi set up a little bit far from the adapter, you can comfortably use it
  • It is suitable for all Raspberry Pi single board computers including Pi Zero,
  • Input AC 100-240V and 5V/2000mA DC Output
  • Due to the thick insulation inside and wrapping of aluminum material, this unit is noise resistant
  • Can be used for Android devices too
  • Improved quality control in efficient design gives you a peace of mind while you use this PSU for your Raspberry Pi project

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4. Pi Hut Raspberry Pi B+ Power Supply

Raspberry Pi B+ You can directly charge your Pi setup from the wall socket just like a phone using this Raspberry Pi power adapter. Due to it is CE certified, you can use it worldwide by leaving the worry about the safety standards of electronics components.

Best Features of Pi Hut Raspberry Pi Power Supply:

  • It is a lightweight and portable RasPi charger
  • Input AC 110-250V 0.15A 50/60Hz & Output DC 5V 2000mA
  • Suitable for international use
  • Protects your circuit board and set up from short circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent situations
  • A suitable power plug adapter provided according to the region from where you order it
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty allows you to make a hassle-free purchase

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5. NeeGo 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply

NeeGo 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 The NeeGo 2.5A power supply is specially designed tested for Raspberry Pi 3. It delivers maximum Power to avoid from a reboot. It has a noise filter to obtain stability in spite of heavy use. It fulfills all Raspberry Pi power requirements and also can be used to power Kindle and other devices too.

The NeeGo Power Adapter Charger comes with features like:

  • Though it is specially meant for Raspberry Pi 3, you can also use it with other Pi models like Pi 2, Model A+, original Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • It has a 6 feet cord length which allows you to use the ample space in your room without being worried about the power socket place
  • Input 2.5A 5v DC which offers maximum power to your RPi 3 even if you use it as a fully functional computer
  • Due to its portable design, you can carry it anywhere you go with your Pi set up conveniently
  • It comes with portable micro USB cable which allows you to use it with other devices like Kindle, Android smartphones, and similar products
  • It is a safe and durable power supply for Raspberry Pi which prevents unexpected reboot of your machine and provides enough resource of electricity to your Pi

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6. Gowoops 5V 2.5A Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 3 & 2

Gowoops 5V 2.5A Power Supply The all-in-one power supply from Gowoops has a special design with LED lights to let you know the on/off situation of the source. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, Pi 3, and all other Pi models. The convenience of this power adapter charger is making it preferable by many electronics enthusiasts doing their Pi projects worldwide.

Features of Gowoops Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 Power Supply Charger are:

  • The best advantage of this PSU is, it comes with two Raspberry Pi heatsinks made of aluminum & copper to cool down your processor at the time of overheating
  • Even if the included portable USB power cable breaks, you can replace it with a new one and can use the adapter as before
  • Comes with an inbuilt on/off switch, so you do need to pull out & in your adapter to start or reboot your Raspberry Pi circuit
  • Available in multiple designs; either a 2.5A single port or a 3A double port to allow you choose as per your need
  • Durable and reliable build gives a stable output voltage to your Pi 3 & 2

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7. Enokay Power Supply for Raspberry Pi

Enokay Power SupplyIf you want a system stability and performance with your Raspberry Pi circuit, then stick with the 5V 2.5A power supply from Enokay. It is a versatile power adapter which you can use with the SBCs like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Android devices like smartphones, tablets, and other similar machines.

The Enokay Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 comes with the features such as:

  • It has an inbuilt on/off switch, so it provides more convenience when you want to restart & reboot your Pi circuit
  • The cable has a length of 1.5 meters which can be a little bit smaller, but it will surely allow you to place your setup to a safe distance from the wall socket
  • Provides enough power source for your Raspberry Pi setup even when you use it full fledged

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You don’t need to buy a separate power supply for Raspberry Pi if you have bought a whole Raspberry Pi starter Kit. If accidentally, you chose a bad power supply, then it can cause many problems like SD card failure, hiccups, failure of USB, crashes, etc. Cheap power supplies may generate voltage drop which can overheat the setup and damage the components. Buy a reliable and best power supply for Raspberry Pi from the above list and get the most out of your beloved device.

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