Top 3 Raspberry Pi 2 Case under $10

Top 3 Raspberry Pi 2 Case under $10

Top 3 Raspberry Pi 2 Case under $10

If you are using the Raspberry Pi 2, first of all you need a raspberry case. There are plenty of options and variety to choose the case which provides port access, stylish, easy access to board and better durability. A good Rpi case will helps to keep it protected, safe and fit well into the build project as well as adding more style at the same time. People will use the Raspberry pi for various purposes and so need various types or model case needed. However, companies managed to offer best Raspberry pi 2 cases for your Rpi at very low rate. Before diving into buying the cases, the Raspberry pi 2 cases include aesthetics, port accessibility, basic protection, active or passive cooling and mounting options.
JBtek Jet Black case:

This JBtek is not a nonsense case which only costs about $8 only. It is actually made up of the matte black plastic as well as held together by four screws. The black appeal with a rounded corner gives a nice touch, specifically for something which is low cost. Its port accessibility is somewhat limited to the external ports. The side grill of the case can be removable and also theoretically snake the ribbon cables out. It has no mounting option. It is simple and useful black case. This case is specially designed for the RPi model B+. This case is the 2 piece injection molded type ABS enclosure that snaps around the model B+. it offers excellent accessibility and protection for your raspberry pi. It is wall mountable and access to all the B+ consumer ports, camera, GPIO connectors and GSI.

The PiBow Case:

This PiBiw us unofficial official case which is both functional and stylish. The PiBiw Rainbow is the case which officially earned huge popularity among the users. It is crafted from 7 layers of so colorful acrylic that fits your pi case snugly with no rattling. It holds the clear acrylic top as well as base that allows you to view the raspberry pi inside. For the people who like only a single color, there are also Pibow cases that range from adafruit blue, toxic green, completely clear, black shadowed ninja, translucent crystal and more. The PiTFT PiBow combines the case with all you need to add the TFT touchscreen or monitor. It was proposed by Paul Beech.

Official Raspberry Pi cases:

It is relatively very affordable pi case which is made up of raspberry and white colored plastic. It has enough decent aesthetics. It can be easily assembled by just dropping the raspberry pi into a case and also snapping it together. When it comes to port accessibility, its white top cover unsnaps from a frame to reveal the easy access to most of the internal headers and ports. It has no option for mounting nor it comes with fasteners, still it comes with four rubber feet for the case bottom. It has the removable lid for the very easy access to display ports and camera as well as removable top frame.

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