Best Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Cases of 2018

Best Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Cases (1)

Best Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Cases of 2018

Yes, you got your favorite Raspberry Pi model and will soon start making your Raspberry Pi project. This Debian Linux based, credit-card sized mini-computer can do whatever you think of for it. From making it a web server to using as an IoT (Internet of Things) device, anything you can make possible as you do with a full-fledged computer.

With all the limitless possibilities and benefits, your Pi device also needs some protections from any accidental damage. And for this, a Best Raspberry Pi Case is what will help you. It will not only protect your Raspberry Pi device but also will provide you the convenience to take anywhere worry-free. Without any further discussion, let me provide you this top list of the best Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 cases.

1) NES Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and B+ Case by Old Skool Tools

NES Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and B+ Case by Old Skool ToolsIf you have grown up or are growing with Nintendo, then you will see that this NES case has the same charm with it. With the plastic material and solid structure, this protective unit from Old Skool Tools is a lightweight, convenient and durable Raspberry Pi 2 Case.

Features of NES Case for Raspberry Pi:

  • It is specially designed and built for the Raspberry Pi Models 2, 3, and B+
  • This case has a firm structure which tightens with four sturdy bolts
  • You will not need to open the case to access different ports of your Pi kit and to insert the SD card
  • Like I said before, it is inspired and designed through the Nintendo Entertainment System which will let you relive your childhood memories
  • Comfortable, easy to use and carry NES case

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2) Official Raspberry Pi Case

Official Raspberry Pi CaseWhen we talk about the protection of super useful Raspberry Pi, how can we forget the official Pi kits and accessories available for the users? This official Raspberry Pi 3 case is designed by the company by keeping the HAT (Hardware Attached on Top.)

Features of this Official Protective Case for Pi:

  • All the side panels, Lid, and top are removable that let you quickly access all the ports of your Pi circuit board
  • You can bound your board high or little as you require to match your project requirements
  • Keeping the HAT in mind, the top panel can be removed and re-attached quickly
  • Coming in dark grey/black color and best suited to your Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit

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3) Zebra Wooden Raspberry Pi Case from C4 Labs

Zebra Wooden Raspberry Pi Case from C4 LabsDesigned by C4 Labs, this wooden case is a perfect fit for the various Raspberry Pi Models like 2, 3, B+, 2B, etc. Your Pi board will be locked firmly in the middle of the case, so no worry of any accidental damage to your Pi, even if you throw it in anger (don’t do that, please.)

Features of the Wooden Raspberry Pi 2 Case are:

  • The design includes rubber feet and three heat sinks, so even if you overclock your Pi processor, it will protect it from overheating
  • It came with good ventilated structure and built with solid material
  • The heat sinks are specially designed by keeping in mind the structure of the RAM chip, USB controller, and CPU of your Pi so that you can arrange them accordingly
  • The wood layers built with Philippine mahogany which is one of the most famous hardwood species
  • Instead of cheap metal structure, the screws formed by using the stainless steel material to protect the structure firmly

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4) Raspberry Pi 3 Transparent Case from SB Components

Raspberry Pi 3 Transparent Case from SB ComponentsSB Components designs sturdy and fashionable protective cases, especially for the Pi users. After the success of the Model B case which acclaimed as a best-seller, the company has designed this clear case specifically for the Raspberry Pi 3.

Features of this Transparent Case for Raspberry Pi are:

  • It is a two-piece ABS enclosure which is injection-molded and bounds together around the Pi board
  • If you want to get the top available accessibility and protection for your beloved kit
  • Moreover, you can mount the case on the wall. So if you are having a lack of space on your table, you can easily wall-mount your set up
  • While saving your circuit from harms, it also lets you access all the ports of the board

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5) Raspberry Pi 2 Case from OneNineDesign

Raspberry Pi 2 Case from OneNineDesignThis black colored enclosure from OneNineDesign is dedicated to the Raspberry Pi 3 circuit board. You can also use it for the other Pi versions by opening the side LID openings aligned with the display connector as per your convenience. I will like to suggest you not to buy this case if you have the previous models of Raspberry Pi like A, A+, and original B versions.

Features of this Black Case for Raspberry Pi are:

  • It secures your beloved Pi device including Pi 3, 2, and B+
  • You can install the heatsinks for the LAN chip and CPU with convenient openings
  • Not as fragile as other cases available in the market due to its thick-walled design
  • It comes with two options for mounting the cameras, so you can even capture and view images from your set up without taking it out of the case

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6) Enokay Black Raspberry Pi 2 Case

Enokay Black Raspberry Pi 2 CaseThis protective case from Enokay is compatible with the older Raspberry Pi models like Pi 2 model B and Pi 3 model B, as well as with their newer versions like B+. You will get a protective case, one screwdriver, and a couple of heatsinks for the price.

Features of Enokay Case for Raspberry Pi are:

  • Easy to install on your circuit board and comes with good ventilation
  • Compatible with the old as well as new Raspberry Pi models
  • It is built by using the ABS material which makes it more sturdy and durable
  • Robust build protects your setup from any accidental or environmental damage

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7) JBtek Transparent Acrylic Raspberry Pi Case with Fan

JBtek Transparent Acrylic Raspberry Pi Case with FanNowadays, cases not only protect your board from the damage, but they do provide some cooling features to prevent overheating too. This transparent acrylic enclosure from JBtek comes with an external fan to cool down your processor when you overclock it or use it for a longer time.

Features of JBtek Raspberry Case with Fan are:

  • Provides a super cooling performance with the help of inbuilt fan design
  • Not only cools down but provides a great security to your Raspberry Pi models
  • Fan is quieter, in fact, nearly silent
  • Easy to assemble and install, so you can use it without spending much time
  • It provides full access to all the ports of your circuit that makes you worry-free from opening and closing the case to use different features of your favorite device

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8) Eleduino Raspberry Pi 3 Acrylic Enclosure Case

Eleduino Raspberry Pi 3 Acrylic Enclosure CaseYou may find this case a little but costly than the other protective enclosures in the market today, but with its seamless routing of the ports and perfect fit to the board will never let you regret if you buy it. The Eleduino enclosure is a transparent protective case that specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 3.

Features of this Raspberry Pi 3 Case from Eleduino are:

  • The acrylic layer of the case tightens with sturdy bolts and nuts which firmly fits your Pi 3
  • High-quality material will prevent the board from any scratches or other types of damage
  • You will get a set of free heatsinks to cool down your processor while using it for a longer run
  • A perfect fit to protect your electronics projectsBuy @ Amazon

Top Three Benefits of using the Protective Case for Your Pi Device

  1. Protection: If you use your Pi board in an open area, you know dust, debris, and other micro particles will stick on your circuit. Also, there is a fear of any accidental damage due to drop or moisture. A good-quality case will protect your Pi circuit from any such harm and helps to make it more durable.
  2. Looks: It is not an important feature which increases the functionality or features of the Pi, but a case can surely add some aesthetics to your device. Means think of a Pi powered media center you are using and how it will look if you just leave it open? A good Pi case will provide a stylish look to your Raspberry Pi Kit.
  3. Convenience: Using a case doesn’t mean you have to compromise of accessing the ports of your device. A good-quality Raspberry Pi case will provide you full access to all of your Pi ports. Also, it makes it easier to take your Pi set up anywhere you go by carrying in your bag without worrying about any harm from other things.

Until the date, Raspberry Pi has shipped over 12-Million units of different Pi models. And for such a high number of devices, the good-quality Raspberry Pi cases are essential and sometimes must things to have. Here I have included both types of cases i.e. with and without fans. You can choose according to your needs and budget.

Which is your favorite Raspberry Pi Case?

If I missed any other important product in the list, then let me know in the comment section below. You can also share your experience with the Pi and how such cases are helping you to protect your Raspberry Pi and to get most out of it.


As you may know well that the Raspberry Pi is widely used in the educational institutes to provide easy and in-depth learning of electronic kits and projects. It creates wonders with the programming clubs like CoderDojo which are the global platforms for the kids and teenagers to learn from the experts and make some innovative designs. Recently, on June 29th, Raspberry Pi was awarded as the best innovative technology in the UK and won MacRobert 2017 award and a cash prize of £50,000. It is one of the famous and prestigious Engineering awards in the world.

Happy Coding!

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