Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kits of 2016 – 2017

best raspberry pi robot kits

Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kits of 2016 – 2017

A single board microcomputer is known as Raspberry Pi. We are already aware of this thing; my question is that what will you do with your Raspberry Pi? Firstly, it looks like a light and silly question, but the answer could be in hundreds of lines. The credit card-sized Raspberry Pi is a precious tool for the artists, hobbyists, students and professionals. With the help of this super minicomputer you can build robots for $50, $100, $1000 … and so on. Check this list of the Raspberry Pi Robot Kits and choose the best kit for your robotics project.

Top Raspberry Pi Robot Kits

1) Dexter Industries Raspberry Pi GoPiGo RobotDexter Industries Raspberry Pi GoPiGo Robot

Features of the GoPiGo Robot for Raspberry Pi Robot Kit are:

  • It is a super Raspberry Pi robot kit
  • Works great with the Raspberry Pi Models A, B, and B+
  • It requires no soldering and powered by eight AA batteries
  • Dexter Industries provide the software examples and APIs
  • The Raspberry Pi, a Raspberry Pi camera, AA batteries, and the servo package all sold separately

The Dexter Industries has made this GoPiGo robot which turns your favorite Raspberry Pi into a robot. It includes a robot body, motors, power supply, controls and everything you need to get your Raspberry Pi up and running. Currently, it the most popular Raspberry Pi Robot Kit on Amazon.

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2) Elegoo UNO Project Raspberry Pi Robot Kit with Four-wheel Drives

Elegoo Raspberry Pi robot kitThis Raspberry Pi robot kit from Elengoo is the newest and most affordable project toy car kit for kids. It comes with four-wheel drives, Bluetooth module, ultrasonic sensor, Arduino Uno R3, link tracking module, etc.

Features of Elengoo Raspberry Pi Robot Kit are:

  • It has a simple mechanical system and easy to install process which is best for kids
  • You will make a superb robot with the included tutorial videos
  • To keep the toy robot car away from obstacles, it comes with an ultrasonic module
  • The line tracking module in 3-piece module help you to keep the car on the specific travel route
  • The Bluetooth module helps you to operate this Raspberry Pi robot car kit with your mobile phone by installing the included CD

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3) Rapiro Robot for Raspberry Pi by Switch Science41A55ma4AuL

Features of the Rapiro Robot by Switch Science are:

  • It is a DIY model Raspberry Pi robot kit
  • It is specially designed for the hobbyists, students, and engineers of the robotics field
  • The kit comes in unassembled condition, so user needs to assemble the parts
  • You can also install the Model B+ of Raspberry Pi with some small modifications in the Rapiro
  • After assembling, it weighs only 1Kg (Lightweight design)
  • Recommended for the age above 15+

The Switch Science has designed the Rapiro robot which is a DIY Raspberry Pi robot kit. It is an affordable, cute, easy to assemble, humanoid robot kit. It comes with 12 servos and a servo control board.

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BrickPi Raspberry Pi Starter Bundle4) BrickPi Raspberry Pi Starter Bundle

Design a stunning robot with the BrickPi starter bundle from Dexter Industries. It comes with all the needed accessories including the Raspberry Pi 3, power supply, micro SD card with preloaded ‘Raspbian for Robots’ software, WiFi dongle, etc.

Features of BrickPi Raspberry Pi Robot Kit from Dexter Industries are:

  • The battery pack is enough to power your Raspberry Pi 3
  • If you attach the BrickPi case with your LEGO robot, then it will turn into an awesome featured robot
  • Other languages like Scratch, Python, and Java can be used to write code
  • You can connect up to four NXT or three EV3 digital/analog motors
  • Control it remotely by connecting the LEGO robot to the web
  • An amazing Raspberry Pi robot kit for beginners

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5) PiStorms LEGO Robot – Raspberry Pi Robot Kit

Features of the PiStorms Raspberry Pi Robot Kit are:71QaRJSIppL._SL1500_

  • You can make LEGO robot by using the brains of Raspberry Pi!
  • It works great with the Raspberry Pi A+, B+, and Raspberry Pi 2
  • You can also attach the LEGO Mindstorms NXT or the EV3 motors and sensors
  • It has a built-in color touch display screen of 2.4”
  • The sturdy design includes an SD card and a Wi-Fi adapter

You can make the stunning robot with the brains of Raspberry Pi and this amazing Raspberry Pi Robot kit from It easily interacts with your bot and program using the Python. The Kit includes a PiStorms controller, a LEGO compatible frame for the PiStorms, a 6-AA battery holder, a Wi-Fi adapter and an SD card loaded with a ready to use Operating System.

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6) SunFounder Smart Video Car Raspberry Pi Robot Kit 

Check the features of the SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kit below:61LbtRb-VTL

  • It is a complete Raspberry Pi learning kit for the beginners in the field of robotics
  • The kit uses a step-down DC to DC converter module, which reduces the input voltage and an L298N motor driver module
  • It is a great kit for studying the Raspberry Pi robotics by both the code and application
  • It has a working voltage of 7 to 12V and is powered by two rechargeable lithium batteries of 18650A
  • The kit also includes a Webcam with a USB Wi-Fi adapter

If you want to get started with a robot, then this smart video car Raspberry Pi robot kit from SunFounder is a great option to choose. You can also apply this kit in a virtual machine on Linux.

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This amazing Raspberry Pi robot kit helps you to make a 4-wheel smart robot car by your own without any professional help. It is a Wi-Fi supported, cross country, off-road smart car robot kit.

You need to do some little bit extra programming to make complex designs with your Raspberry Pi robot kit. For this, you can have more than one robot kits, and use the combination of the latest technologies, solutions, and concepts. Hope you had found your best project partner from the above list of the Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kits and will become the inspiration to others.

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