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If you are an electronic geek or interested in electrical stuff, then you must aware about the Raspberry Pi Zero. This $5 version of the Raspberry Pi Models is a huge hit and selling out everywhere in a fraction of the time it available online. It is a powerful super tiny computer comes with 512MB of RAM and a 40% faster processor than the original Raspberry Pi. If you are the lucky one among the 20,000 owners of the Raspberry Pi Zero, then the next thing comes in your mind should be what to do next?

You can do great projects with your Raspberry Pi zero starter kit. You can find a number of resources to give you a step-by-step guide to doing awesome projects with your Pi Zero. But, the difficult task is to choose and get the best Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit. I have tested most of the available Raspberry Pi zero starter kits and created this list of the best of them. Recently, Raspberry Pi introduced the wireless version of the Pi Zero board which comes with inbuilt Bluetooth and WiFi capability. So, I updated the list according to that. Hope you will like it.

Best Raspberry Pi Zero Kit

1) Raspberry Pi Zero W Complete Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Zero WVilros provides this complete Pi Zero starter kit for the beginners in the electronics field and for those who are making their first-ever set up with the Raspberry Pi. It comes with the clear sturdy case to protect your Raspberry Pi setup.

Features of Vilros Pi Zero Starter Kit are:

  • A preloaded NOOBS Micro SD card helps to get you going with the Raspberry Pi OS quickly and easily
  • Specially designed power supply for Raspberry Pi ensures that your custom setup never run out of energy
  • Other accessories that come with this kit are the Raspberry Pi Zero W board, a Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter, Micro USB to USB adapter, heatsinks, an HDMI cable of 5 feet, and a double pin header
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty from Vilros
  • It does not have an audio port, but you can listen the sound through the HDMI connection

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2) Raspberry Pi Zero Game Boy Kit from Adafruit

As soon the Pi zero board has an upgraded version, the Adafruit launched a specialized kit in a Game Boy edition. The Nintendo’s Game Boy Player allows you to enjoy the gaming on your Raspberry Pi powered display.

Features of Pi Zero Game Boy Kit are:

  • You will get everything to set up and running with your Raspberry Pi NES emulator
  • A Raspberry Pi Zero board (v1.3), a USB WiFi adapter, a micro SD card with adapter, two button pads, a TFT display, jumper wires, a user manual, and other essential things are included in this kit
  • If you get a 3D printer and do the needed setup, you can even print 3D graphics of the case and other things
  • The components will come unsoldered, and so you will get some practice of soldering various the tools like screws, wires, and other things with the Pi Zero board
  • There are some Pi Zero retro gaming consoles out there, but this Game Boy kit will give different taste of learning and enjoying

You can know more about the Game Boy Zero here.


3) CanaKit Raspberry Pi Zero W Kit with Official Accessories

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Zero WThe other tech giant, CanaKit designed this Pi Zero W kit with official power supply and protective case for the board. This complete electronics starter kit ensures you not to purchase externally to up and running with your Raspberry Pi Project.

Features of Complete Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit from CanaKit are:

  • The wireless Raspberry Pi Zero W board with inbuilt Bluetooth and WiFi helps you complete many different innovative and useful designs
  • The protective case from the official site comes with three lids that are interchangeable and allows accessing the board as per your setup
  • Comes with 2.5A power supply with 5-foot cable from CanaKit which is enough to run your customized Pi project setup
  • Other accessories include a Mini HDMI adapter, a USB cable for OTG connection, and a heatsink to cool down the processor
  • Due to the compatibility of the Pi Zero W to the mini connectors, you will get the flexibility to connect only those components which you need for the particular project

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4) Raspberry Pi Zero Budget Pack from Adafruit

2817-03This budget pack from Adafruit has everything that you need to create awesome designs with your Raspberry Pi Zero. If you are using the Raspberry Pi kit for the first time, then it is advisable to go with this kit. The kit will be soon available on AMAZON.

Features of the Adafruit Raspberry Pi Zero Budget Starter Kit:

  • The kit comes with a cheapest and super light computer- Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Class 10 SD card with 8GB capacity for the Raspbian Jessie
  • An HDMI adapter for getting the 1080p HDMI video/audio output
  • A USB OTG cable to connect your Pi Zero with normal USB device
  • A male and a female header strip (2*20= total 40)
  • A USB A/Micro B cable with 5V 1A Pi power supply or a Micro USB cable with a 5V 2A power supply


5) EEEKit Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit

81+7MfS8PEL._SL1500_This 5 in 1 Raspberry Pi Zero Kit is developed by EEEKit. It provides all the things you need to go with your very first Pi project.

Features of the 5 in 1 Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit from EEEKit are:

  • It comes with each component that you need to get going with your Pi Zero device
  • A high-quality transparent acrylic case with gives you access to all the point of your Pi zero model as well as protects it from damages
  • A micro USB home wall charger which is compatible with all the standard USB devices
  • A mini HDMI to HDMI cable and a 3 port USB hub comes with the kit
  • It is simply one of the best Raspberry Pi zero starter kits

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6) Adafruit Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Pack

2816-08This kit is specially designed for the pros in electronics and for the hobbyists who have created a number of projects with Raspberry Pi devices. If you want to add some extra test in your projects with some genuine circuits, then this Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Pack is for you.

Features of the Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Pack are:

  • It includes a low-cost, tiny sized and game changing supercomputer – Raspberry Pi Zero
  • An 8 GB, class 10 micro SD card is perfect for burning Raspbian Jessie for the Pi Zero
  • 40 Pin GIPO male header
  • 40 Pin GPIO female header
  • 40 Pin GPIO right-angle female header
  • An OTG USB cable also comes with the kit
  • To break out the power onto a solderless breadboard, it has an assembled Pi T-cobbler plus
  • A WiFi dongle chipset lets you start straight with the IoT (Internet of Things)
  • A USB console cable to make a replacement of an HDMI cable


7) Raspberry Pi Zero W Essentials Kit from The Pi Hut

Pi HutThe Pi Hut always strives to provide the latest and upgraded electronics boards and accessories. And as soon as the Pi Zero W came, the company launched this essential kit for the enthusiasts and tinkerers.

Features of The Pi Hut Raspberry Pi Zero Kit are:

  • Comes with the wireless Pi Zero device with Bluetooth and WiFi on board
  • The package also includes a mini HDMI to HDMI adapter, rubber feet, a micro USB to USB adapter, and a metal protective case
  • You will get the GPIO headers too with straight, right-angled, female, and male connectors
  • You can even use this kit without enabling the wireless functionality which in turn makes it a simple Pi Zero board
  • The pin headers come as soldered so your time and efforts will be saved

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A good Raspberry Pi Zero starter kit will give you everything you need to get going with your Pi Zero/Zero W device. The Raspberry Pi Zero starter kits can be used in projects like motion-tracking, wearables, retro gaming, etc. Hope you liked the above list and had chosen the best kit for your first electronics project.

Best Luck for your Design!

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