Raspberry Pi HDMI Not Working

Solved: Raspberry Pi HDMI Not Working | Display Problems

Until now, you may have completed a number of robotics and electronics projects with the Raspberry Pi boards. I too have tested and done a few projects with these super powerful computing boards. I have covered some how-to guides and tutorials some of which I faced in my own experiments and some other from the requests by my readers. Today, I am explaining the solution to another common problem with many Raspberry Pi projects; Raspberry Pi HDMI not working. In other words, we will make the Pi display from the HDMI port even if it doesn’t want it to do!



Best Web Browser for Raspberry Pi 3 – A Quick Guide

We always get stuck up with hundreds of options available to choose from. Whether it be a car, a gadget, or a tool. Technology confuses the human mind every single day. Well, it goes the same for choosing a Raspberry Pi web browser. What if you have the best of the Raspberry Pi kits, but don’t know which browser is perfect for it? There are tons of free Web browsers available on the internet that are really good to use. But, we literally don’t have an idea which one to go for. It’s tough time making a final decision when all the other software or tools are built with edge-to-edge features.

Don’t worry I won’t let you astray in this dark ocean of software. (more…)


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