Best Controller for Raspberry Pi 3: Retropie SNES Contenders

So, you have finally made your Retro Gaming Console on Raspberry Pi 3. But, what you will do with it without a top SNES controller? Yes, there are quite different options when you have to pick things for the Retropie. But, nothing can provide the same feeling, and excitement like super compatible equipment does, especially when you have made a custom gaming console on Raspberry Pi. Today I will list the most sought and best Retropie compatible controllers here. Check them and get relief from using keyboard and mouse to enjoy Retro games.

Best Retropie Compatible Controllers

1) iNNEXT Retro USB SNES Controller GamepadiNNEXT Retro USB SNES Controller Gamepad

The Super Nintendo Gamepad Controller from iNNEXT gives you total control on the classic and modern retro games. Plug and play functionality helps the beginners to enjoy the gaming without any hassle.

Features of iNNEXT Best USB SNES Controller are:

  • This is a set of two gamepad controllers that comes with a five feet USB cord to let you play games from a comfortable distance
  • You need not install any drivers to use this classic Super Nintendo controller for Raspberry Pi
  • It is compatible with almost all the Raspberry Pi models like Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, Raspberry Pi Zero, Model A, Model B, etc. Just plug the cord into the USB port of your Retropie console to use it
  • Apart from the officially supported Retro gaming OS like Retropie, Piplay, Chameleon Pi, Recalbox, etc. this USB Raspberry Pi 3 controller works on most of Windows platforms, Linux distributions, and MAC OS X Systems
  • Six-month replacement warranty from the company allows you to have a hassle-free purchase

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2) 8Bitdo F30 Pro Wireless Controller for Retropie with Bonus Carrying Case8Bitdo F30 Pro Wireless Controller for Retropie with Bonus Carrying Case

The F30 Pro is the best wireless controller for Raspberry Pi gaming consoles. It connects to the Retropie via Bluetooth and provides excellent response compared to keyboard and mouse.

Features of 8Bitdo F30 Pro Retropie Wireless Controller from Dynamic Distributor are:

  • It allows two retro game players to play simultaneously due to dual gamepad design
  • Other than Bluetooth, you can also connect this Retropie controller through USB port
  • This best wireless controller for retropie also supports PlayStation 3, NES Original, NES Classic, SNES, etc. gaming platforms
  • After one-two hours of charging, you can use it up to 18 hours of constant play
  • An included protective case allows you to keep it safe during travel or while not in use

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3) Rii GP100 SNES USB Raspberry Pi ControllerRii GP100 SNES USB Raspberry Pi Controller

Rii launched this set of retropie compatible controllers that will work on the gaming consoles made using Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, or the original Pi board. Other than the official Raspberry Pi Operating System, they also work great with the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Features of the GP100 Raspberry Pi 3 Controller by Rii are:

  • You do not need to install any patches or drivers to use this gamepad controller. Just plug it into any standard USB port of your device and play
  • Any Raspberry Pi compatible emulator will support this SNES controller
  • The five feet long USB cable provides comfortable space to enjoy the retro games
  • Offers excellent performance on Raspberry Pi models, Google emulator for SNES, and other platforms
  • Comes with six months replacement warranty from the manufacturer

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4) iNNEXT USB Classic N64 Controller for Raspberry Pi 3iNNEXT USB Classic N64 Controller for Raspberry Pi 3

Again from iNNEXT, this is one of the best USB N64 controllers available in the market today. This Genesis joystick gamepad connects to the standard USB port of your console and so make you worry from the installation of compatible software.

Features of Classic Nintendo 64 Raspberry Pi 3 Controller from iNNEXT are:

  • This is a wired N64 Retropie controller that works great with the Raspberry Pi 3 and other models as well as on Windows and Mac systems
  • Due to the generic USB support, it works on any device that comes with a standard USB port. For example, a desktop PC, a laptop, a Mac system, a Notebook PC, etc. can use this gamepad controller
  • Though it works phenomenally on Raspberry Pi 3, it works perfectly on other Raspberry Pi models like Pi 2, Pi Zero, Model A, Model B, and Model B+
  • It is compatible with the other game emulators like CEN64, 1964, Project64, MESS, etc. as well as older UltraHLE, Project Unreality, Nemu64, etc.
  • Extra-long USB cord (approx. 5.9-foot) allows you to enjoy the games from a fair distance
  • 6-month replacement warranty from the company

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5) 8bitdo SNES30 Wireless Controller for Raspberry Pi 38bitdo SNES30 Wireless Controller for Raspberry Pi 3

The SNES30 is a perfect wireless Raspberry Pi 3 controller for Retropie game players. If you are a beginner with the Raspberry Pi gaming consoles, then I recommend you to go for this classy, safe, and replaceable joystick.

Features of SNES30 Raspberry Pi 3 Wireless Controller by 8bitdo are:

  • You can easily program the keys for combo and turbo modes during the gameplay
  • It is compatible with styles like SNES, NES, Game Boy, Mega Drive, Genesis, Game Boy Advance, etc.
  • You can use it for both touchscreen and key controlled games
  • This wireless Retropie controller works best on Raspberry Pi but also performs well on Mac and Windows systems
  • It supports HDMI output at 720 Pixels rate
  • It can be connected to the network through both; via Bluetooth or USB port
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it extremely portable

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Which is your favorite Raspberry Pi 3 controller?

There are a number of gamepad controllers available in the market, and almost all of them claim to be compatible with the Retropie. But in reality, not every gamepad works like the best Retropie controller. And so, I listed only the top contenders that are available today for retro gaming.

Which is your favorite? Are you using a USB/wireless controller for Retropie which is not on this list? Is it performing outstandingly on your Pi? Then visit the comment section below and let the world know about it.


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