Best Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kits Reviews of 2019

The first Raspberry Pi introduced in Feb 2012 by Eben Upton and his teammates. Since then, the company launched upgraded versions of Pi from time to time.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is a second generation single board computer of the Pi family which came on the market in Feb 2015. It is capable of running a wide range of Linux distros as well as Microsoft’s latest Operating System – Windows 10. It’s a low-cost, fully-functional, powerful, and easy to use the circuit board for the electronics projects.

Specifications of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B:

  1. Broadcom BCM2836 SoC
  2. ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core 900MHz CPU
  3. 1GB RAM
  4. 250MHz 3D Videocore IV GPU
  5. 40pin GPIO
  6. Four USB 2.0 ports
  7. CSI camera port, DSI display port, RCA and HDMI port
  8. Inbuilt slot to insert MicroSD card
  9. 2.5mm audio jack
  10. 3.2×2.1-inch dimensions

From a wall-mounted digital calendar to a retro gaming console, from a simple weather station to a custom Google voice assistant, anything is possible to make with the Raspberry Pi 2. This full-blown computer like a desktop PC has opened a door of the out-of the box yet cool coding techniques. Let’s check some of the top bundle packs that you can have for your DIY projects in electronics and robotics.

Best Raspberry Pi 2 Kits

Remember that almost all the kits mentioned here come with the Raspberry Pi 2 board. So, you will not need to buy anything else separately except you want to make something custom on your own. The last two kits do not include the Raspberry Pi, though. Also the kits do not come with the Raspberry Pi display module except the SunFounder Project Starter Bundle.

1) CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter KitThe complete RPi 2 starter kit from CanaKit comes with all the essential components to get started with your first Raspberry Pi project. All the things included providing reliable operation with superior stability.

Specifications and Features of Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit from CanaKit are:

  • It comes with an 8GB class 10 MicroSD card with pre-loaded NOOBS software
  • A 150Mbps USB WiFi adapter with all Access Point (AP) mode supports portable hotspot
  • A top quality black case comes in a sturdy design and allows you to access all the ports of the board while protecting it from any damage
  • To help you implement your Pi projects, this kit includes a full-colored quick starter guide
  • Other accessories include the 2.5A power supply, Micro USB cable; UL listed noise filter, heat sink, HDMI cable, and GPIO reference card

The CanaKit provides a full list of components to help you set up and get going with your Raspberry Pi. Bring the kit home and tinker in the exciting world of coding. Remember to format the SD card if you can see only 1GB of space to use. This happens because it comes as pre-partitioned.


2) CanaKit Ultimate Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit with WiFi

CanaKit Raspberry Pi wifi Complete Starter KitThe ultimate Raspberry Pi 2 Model B kit from CanaKit comes with a WiFi dongle adapter to let you directly connect it to the web. The one-year warranty for all the parts and components offers you a hassle-free purchase.

Specifications and features of Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Ultimate Starter Kit are:

  • The class 10 MicroSD card with 8GB capacity is pre-loaded with NOOBS and recommended by the Raspberry Pi itself
  • The Wireless adapter comes with RT5370 chipset offers faster & reliable internet connection
  • Durable, resistive, black-colored protective case has high-quality build material to prevent any damage to your circuit
  • Colorful, quick starter guide lets you enjoy your project implementation with the help of step-by-step tutorials and pictures
  • Included heat sink, GPIO to breadboard interface board, 40pin GPIO, HDMI cable, Micro USB cable, 2.5A power supply, noise filter, resistors, LEDs, jumper wires, ribbon cable, and push button switches make it a complete kit for most of the Raspberry Pi projects

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B kit from CanaKit helps you to have a reliable circuit design with the highest stability and powerful operation. I recommend this kit especially to the beginners in the electronics field.


3) Microsoft IoT Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Pack by Adafruit

Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2As soon as the Raspberry Pi 2 launched, it started supporting the Windows IoT (Internet of Things) core which is a small version of Windows 10 based IoT devices. So, Adafruit introduced this specially designed starter pack for the Raspberry Pi users who want to dig in more with the Windows IoT bundle.

Specifications and features of Adafruit IoT Windows Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 are:

  • The officially supported WiFi dongle from Raspberry Pi is the only one which supports the Windows 10 IoT core
  • The 5V power adapter with an extra-long USB cord allows you to have a perfect setup in your Raspberry Pi design
  • An 8GB capacity of class 10 SD/MicroSD card is enough for all the Windows 10 pre-installed goodies
  • The starter pack website provides a full guide to setting up and running the Raspberry Pi in Windows 10
  • The kit also contains a 5V power supply with inbuilt switch, breadboard, different variable sensors, Ethernet cable, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, and tactile switches
  • Not only in Windows 10, but you can also use this pack with official Raspbian OS, & Linux system

If you want a dedicated IoT device for your electronics and robotics projects, then go nowhere then the Microsoft RPi 2 starter pack by Adafruit. This bundle provides a perfect way to learn and code with the Raspberry Pi in the Windows environment.


4) Raspberry Pi Ultimate Breakout Kit from Smraza

Viaboot raspberry pi 2 kitSmraza provides a comprehensive Raspberry Pi 2 kit for your next electronics project. All the components of this kit are expanded and updated as per the guidelines to let you implement your innovative thinking.

Features and specifications of Smraza Raspberry Pi 2 Breakout Kit are:

  • It comes with a 40pin GPIO breakout board to support the models like A+, B+, 2B, and 3B
  • The step-by-step instructions in a full-color guide allows you to read inputs and control outputs easily
  • The supported ‘GPIO Zero Library’ allows you to do interactive coding in your DIY projects
  • Other components that come with the kit are breadboard, jumper wires, LEDs, transistors, resistors, LEDs, capacitors, diodes, buttons with inbuilt caps; altogether over 100 in numbers
  • All the parts and accessories come with a one-year manufacturer warranty

A wider variety of the electronics components in big numbers help you to use them in different electronics projects without worrying about the needed quantities. Remember that the kit does not come with the Raspberry Pi 2 board, though.


5) SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

Sunfounder Project Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 2The premium Raspberry Pi project kit from SunFounder is a boon to the rookies in the electronics and robotics field. Even experts appreciated this kit due to its capability to add some extra taste to the Pi based projects.

Specifications & features of SunFounder Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Projects are:

  • It comes with a 15-project manual of 73 pages with step-by-step instructions, full codes, datasheets, and images
  • All the components come in a well-protective case. There are eight grids in the case which helps you to store them as per the category
  • All the Raspberry Pi principle explanation, detailed descriptions of the modules, and relevant programming codes make it a great learning way for the electronics beginners
  • Package also includes resistors, buttons, optocoupler, LEDs, 40pin header, transistors, diodes, capacitors, breadboard, jumper wires, a dot-matrix  display, two 7-segment displays, a DC motor, rotary encoder, active buzzer, switch, potentiometer, and power supply

The SunFounder super project starter kit for Raspberry Pi is a great bundle to learn and implement the codes. It’s a perfect kit for the beginners as well as for pros.


Why Raspberry Pi Kit?

The Raspberry Pi is perfect for creating your personal web server, home media center kit, home music system, garage door opener, and much more things to make your daily life easy. The Raspberry Pi 2 is surely a specs boost than its predecessors and so became favorite amongst the worldwide tinkerers, educational institutes, DIY hobbyists, and for the companies looking to make some innovative & useful designs.

PS: The fastest Pi member, Raspberry Pi 3 is also available on the market. Check the best Pi 3 kits for your DIY projects on the site.

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