Kano Complete Computer Kit Review of 2019 – Is it Really Worthy?

I have reviewed the Kano Computer Kit (2016/2017 Edition) before. Today, I am providing the review of the Kano Complete Computer Kit.

What can you do with Kano Complete Computer Kit?

This complete kit from Kano will help you to build your own laptop. You will be able to hack the Minecraft and then do wonders in the game playing with Raspberry Pi. You will also learn how to code a program and how to tinker with it for the customization.

What will you get in this package?

The Kano Computer Complete Kit will provide all the needed things to make your personal laptop PC. Check its specifications below:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  2. Wireless keyboard
  3. HD display with a 10.1-inch size
  4. DIY speaker
  5. Power cable
  6. HDMI cable
  7. Three USB ports
  8. Stickers
  9. Sound sensor
  10. Battery
  11. A protective case
  12. Memory
  13. Operating System from Kano
  14. Other applications and coding tricks
  15. A user manual

 Kano Complete Computer Kit

Kano Computer Kit Review

I will explain some of the most stands out points of the Kano complete computer kit. I will also show important pros and cons which will help you to decide whether it is good for you and/or your kids or not.

Anyone can make Kano laptop

With age above six years, anyone can make a personal computer using this Kano kit.  It comes with easy to follow story pages which will help you to make the PC without any help. You just need to open the box, take out all the parts and components, follow the guide, and you are good to go. It is a simple, enjoyable, and learning Raspberry Pi Project!

make Kano laptop

Setting up the Kano Complete Computer Kit

The leading education-focused company Kano provides a full computer making the DIY kit which is powered by Raspberry Pi 3 board. It uses the micro SD card (included in the kit) to run the OS and other applications. Unlike the Raspberry Pi OS, the Kano Operating System has some fun factor in initializing it through the command lines. After taking the components out of the box, you can follow the instructions of the user manual if you don’t know about connecting them with each other.

When you have all things at a place, create a user profile, and the OS will introduce you some simple tasks to make you interact with the coding platform. After a few minutes of tutorial and guidance, you will see a desktop screen with applications like YouTube, internet browsers, and many more. The Story World app from Kano will give you the suggestions about doing the things on your DIY laptop.

Setting up the Kano Complete Computer Kit

Is it only a teaching tool?

No, as I mentioned before, apart from learning how to build a DIY computer powered by Raspberry Pi, you will also learn how to hack Minecraft for enhanced gaming and how to tinker with codes to have some unusual and interesting functioning in programs.

All the parts and components in this kit are labeled with user-friendly instructions. The main benefit of having colored things is that you can easily identify which part will be perfectly fit for the particular component. Every page in the manual has colorful and clear instructions about the different accessories and how to attach them.

Kano Computer is teaching tool

Software plays a big role

The Kano supported official Operating System helps to design the programs in a fun way. After you build the laptop, it will be able to perform tasks like a typical PC. Whether it is the document editing, web browsing, game playing, online video watching, email sending and receiving, or anything else can be done easily with the Kano computer.

Using the Scratch programming language, you will be able to hack the Minecraft: Pi Edition easily. By using this platform, you can do some exciting stuff like creating the road while you are walking or digging a big hole in the field with just a press of a button!

The Story Mode of the machine will allow enjoying the Pokémon games. You will be able to control the character of the game, to customize the adventures, to make an interaction with the residents in the game, and to create custom quests. Using this mode, you can also become the master of creating Pong.

Software for Kano Computer Kit

After going through the various aspects of the package, I will quickly explain my likes and dislikes about this Kano complete computer kit.


  • All the hardware components are included to build your DIY laptop PC.
  • The instructions are clear and with images to help the kids and beginners in the electronics field.
  • After setting up the parts, you will be taken through a quick tutorial to get familiar with the coding tricks and customizations.
  • The amazing Story Mode from Kano helps you enjoying the different computing concepts.
  • You can even enjoy your Android apps like WhatsApp on the Kano desktop.
  • Anyone above the age of six years can easily operate this kit.
  • It is backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime care from the manufacturer.


  • The micro SD card does not come with pre-installed software.
  • The cost is too high for such a Pi-powered DIY PC.

Bottom Line

The Kano complete computer kit is not that too cheap to get, but it is not completely out of the budget also. It is an investment which in long-term use can pay you off in a good manner. Learning to build a computer PC, to make predefined as well as custom coding, to interact with the hardware parts, to use Story Mode to analyze and customize the concepts of programming; all these are the main reasons to get this complete Raspberry Pi bundle kit for your younger kids.

The aim of the Kano computer kit complete is to teach the kids, and the beginners of electronics field the computer hardware and software in an engaging and fun way.

Yes, you can buy a separate Raspberry Pi 3, touchscreen monitor, SD card, power supply, keyboard, and other necessary things to make a DIY computer which even can cost you less than this bundle. But, I will highly recommend this kit to the parents who are looking to make their children interested in programming & electronics as well as for those electronics rookies & enthusiasts who are stepping into the field or wanting to tinker more in an enjoyable way.


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  1. I bought Kano for grandson last year, so assuming it is a 2017 model. I need to get him a monitor for it? What do you suggest? The Kano kit one or the raspberry pi. I am confuse? Can you help ?

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