Review of CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit

Hello, readers! Hope you are getting good knowledge about the Raspberry Pi Starter Kits from the Raspberry Pi Lists. Hence, this is the first review for our potential readers, let me start with the best selling raspberry pi 2 starter kit on amazon. I am talking about the Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit. It is an exclusive raspberry pi 2 starter kit designed by Canakit which includes everything a person need to explore the amazing world of Raspberry Pi! I received the kit just a day before, let me give you the “Review of Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit”. You can check the next post of Canakit Vs Vilros.

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The Kit arrived in a plain white box to me. When I opened it, I saw a number of components and parts of the kit in a glossy cardboard packaging. A black plastic case and a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B also come with the kit, and that is something amazing for new learners as they get everything in one package.

Let me give the list of the accessories the Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit from Canakit:

  • The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (The most advanced Raspberry Pi model) with quad-core 900 MHz CPU and 1GB RAM
  • A micro SD memory card of 8GB with preloaded NOOBS
  • A Canakit Wifi Dongle Adapter with speed up to 150Mbps
  • A 2.5A USB power supply
  • Premium quality Raspberry Pi 2 case
  • A High-Quality HDMI Cable
  • One breadboard
  • One GPIO quick reference card
  • One GPIO ribbon cable
  • One interface board for GPIO to breadboard connection
  • Two push button switches
  • Nine LEDs (2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Yellow, 2 Blue, and one RGB LED)
  • Five 10K Ohm resistors
  • Ten 220 Ohm resistors
  • One general manual guides from Canakit

The Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit is covered by one year of manufacturer warranty. With the latest member of the Raspberry Pi family- The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, helps you to get going with the exciting world of Raspberry Pi easily. The preloaded NOOBS on the micro SD card helps the beginners in setting up the Raspberry Pi in a much, much easier way. Just connect the micro SD card for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and you are ready to get going. The Micro USB power supply of 2.5A is specially designed for the Raspberry pi 2 starter kit and is tested under various circumstances. It includes a noise filter to assure a great stability to your device.

This raspberry pi 2 starter kit from Canakit supports the full range of an ARM GNU/LINUX distributions with an ARMv7 processor. At the first boot up of your raspberry pi 2 starter kit, you are allowed to install Raspbian or you can also download other Operating Systems like OpenELEC, Pidora, Archlinux, RiscOS, and RaspMBC.

The user manual guide from Canakit that comes with this best Raspberry Pi 2 starter kit helps the new learners to go through brief tutorials about Raspberry Pi 2 starter kits and getting started with their first Raspberry Pi project.

The kit is not only for beginners, pros in electronics can create awesomeness in their projects with this complete raspberry pi 2 starter kit from Canakit. The kit has such a great number of components that an electronic expert can use them in various raspberry pi projects and create excellent designs.

In the end, If you are thinking of getting started with Raspberry Pi and confused about where to start, my only advice is that you go for this complete Raspberry Pi 2 starter kit from Canakit. It will give you a complete set of components, allowing to use different Operating Systems, works great in different conditions, and help you to go through and learn step-by-step tutorials about the Raspberry Pi 2 starter kit. Good Luck!


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