Raspberry Pi Team Awarded UK’s Best Engineering Prize

Yes, finally the wait is over, and I am delighted to announce that the Raspberry Pi has won the UK’s best engineering prize– the MacRobert Awards 2017. The UK-based microcomputer created a range of tiny supercomputers for inspiring the new generation towards easy and understandable education for electronics devices and their working. In the MacRobert Awards which held every year to give the academy award to the UK’s most innovative technology, the three finalists this year were ‘Vision RT,’ ‘Raspberry Pi’ and ‘Darktrace.’  

The Raspberry Pi

In February 2012, the first Raspberry Pi device was launched to teach the kids a new way of programming and electronics. But, with its capabilities almost like a desktop computer, it soon became people among the worldwide enthusiasts and coders to empower the skills by creating something different and useful for the current & future generations. It also helped to increase the digital jobs for the programmers and electronic geeks to implement their ideas in the most innovative ways. At frequent times, the organization introduces upgraded versions to its Pi models with some advanced and more useful features. And due to this, the company has shipped over 12 Millions of different Raspberry Pi kits and devices across different regions of the world.

Today, a variety of sectors like science, technology, medical, defense, education, studies, etc. are widely using various Pi versions and products made using them to learn, control, and use different applications.

This Cambridge-based organization is running the production on a no profit base thought, and whatever profit it gets, it invests in new initiatives to make the coding and technology easier to use for people. And so, recently the Raspberry Pi Organization merged up with CoderDojo club which is a worldwide platform for the kids and teenagers to enhance their programming skills.

With the dinner of Academy Awards held on 29the June 2017 in London, the Raspberry Pi Organization got a gold medal and cash price of £50,000. The audience of engineers, journalists, business leaders, and other invitees were the witness of this and also praised this selection of the winner by the judging panel of MacRobert Award.

The Raspberry Pi joined the panel of this academy award winners. The first in the list were the Fox and partners for the Severn Bridge, Rolls-Royce for the Harrier jets engine, and the first CT scanner designers; Godfrey Hounsfield and his team.

As by one of the judges of the MacRobot Awards Panel, Dr. Dame Sue Ion, “The innovative technology of Raspberry Pi has made the computers to be used more than that they made for. A superb mixture of old and new technology to design the boards made these super computers cheap, small, sturdy, and flexible. The original education goal of the organization has influenced many fields today, and that resulted in a winning manner for the award.”

Resource: BBC News

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