Raspberry Pi Zero W – A $10 WiFi and Bluetooth Capable Computer

Exactly before five years ago, Eben Upton and his team had introduced a revolutionary super-tiny computer Raspberry Pi. There was nothing you can’t do with the Pi computer which you can perform on a desktop PC.

At regular times, the Raspberry Pi family had introduced a new member which was somewhat better and advanced than its previous version. Till the date, the company has sold over 15-Million different models of the Pi.By following this tradition, the company has launched “Raspberry Pi Zero” in November 2015 which was the cheapest version of Pi available at just $5, but not lacking extraordinary features. And on the ‘Fifth Birthday’ of the Raspberry Pi, a newer and advanced version of Pi Zero has been launched. It is named as “Raspberry Pi Zero W” and comes with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capability. It is available for $10 (plus tax). Let’s see some more detail about this latest Pi member.

Specifications of Raspberry Pi Zero W

  • It has a 1GHz single core 32-bit ARM Broadcom BCM2835 processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • HDMI connector and an SD card slot
  • Two Micro USB ports and a 40-pin GPIO header like in the Raspberry Pi 2
  • Camera connector
  • Composite Video and Reset headers
  • Built-in WiFi which uses Cypress CYW43438 wireless chip to support 802.11n WiFi standards
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 functionality

Why Raspberry Pi Zero W?

The main reason to launch the Pi Zero W is to give you relief from making wired connection with your tiny computer to connect it with other devices. With the inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, it is easier to connect your input devices with this RPI model wirelessly. You will no more need to tangle your mouse and keyboard with wires to give a command to your little computer.

Availability of Raspberry Pi Zero W

As the company said, they have planned to launch 80K models of Raspberry Pi Zero W for the time being. Among that 25K models will be out in the market per week. So it is better to claim your Pi Zero W to your nearby local vendor or online before there is none left.

What extra will you get?

Apart from the in-built Bluetooth and WiFi, the company is also providing an official injection-moulded case to accompany the Pi Zero W. It has the same design as of the case for Raspberry Pi 3.

You will get three lids those are interchangeable like:

  1. A single black
  2. The one with a gap which allows you to access the GPIO pins
  3. The one with a gap and a mounting point to connect the camera

The case also designed in a way that your Pi Zero or Pi Zero W will not slide off the desk.

Where can you buy the Raspberry Pi Zero W?

Though the Pi Zero will be still available for $5, you can get your Pi Zero W model at the price of $10 (plus tax). You can find your local Pi distributor and if you want to purchase it online then check the below list to find your suitable store.

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