Raspberry Pi AI – This Team Up Will Help You Build Smart Gadgets

Just a few days back, we have seen the teaming up of the Raspberry Pi with CoderDojo club to involve more kids and youngsters in coding more easily and efficiently. And now, the two tech giants Raspberry Pi and Google are merging to create the firm of Artificial Intelligence called Raspberry Pi AI. To make this bigger than ever, all the other technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Baidu, etc. also have opened the doors for the developers to enhance and provide their AI talent in this growing field.

The first hint of the team up of Google and Raspberry Pi was given in January 2017. The combination of these two has invented the smart gadget like Voice HAT board which added the AI voice recognition to Raspberry Pi 3.

Story behind:

Till the date, the UK-based organization, Raspberry Pi has sold over twelve million units of tiny single board computers which made it the most successful credit-card sized computing device till the date. And now, with Google Assistant, it will become more powerful and efficient.

According to the creators of Pi, the Silicon Valley giant Google has already started working to bring the development tools including machine learning to the little computer.

As a recent blog post on Raspberry Pi website, Google AI with RPi will make a broad range of smart tools and gadgets this year. The help will be taken from the Pi community to get information about the capability of the device. A survey is also going to take place involving the developers and users associated with Raspberry Pi for the answer to this.

The publishing head of Raspberry Pi, Russell Barnes tells that it may be the first time ever Google created a device for design and development for the hobbyists and makers. You may know that one of the few lacks found on the Raspberry Pi 3 is a microphone support and this will be sorted out by the Voice HAT. You will be able to communicate with the Raspberry Pi device to do everything you want to with it.

If you are getting the latest edition of ‘The MagPi,’ then you will get the HAT as a free bundle with it. This bundle will include:

  • The official magazine from Raspberry Pi
  • The HAT
  • A speaker
  • A stereo microphone
  • Required cables

The organization said that the separate HAT will be available, but where, when, and how that part is still waiting for the announcement. As per the founder of Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, the company has shipped over 12-million units of various versions of this tiny computer. And with every new upgrade, the company gets more focus on the advancement of the software to provide better capabilities and improvements.

Geeks know that well that the Google Assistant is already up and running on the Android devices and Google Home. The new launching HAT will also be using the SDK of Google Assistant which is the company’s AI-powered solution for Siri.

This Raspberry Pi Artificial Intelligence kit will help you to make a speaker system controlled by your voice. You will be able to store and use your voice commands in natural language to link them up with your top Raspberry Pi projects. Moreover, you will get a step-by-step instruction guide in the magazine which will help you to connect your Pi device with Google’s voice servers powered by the cloud.

Yes, it is a noticeable thing that the Asus Tinker board is also a dedicated version to the Raspberry Pi which has similar design and functionality but comes with the advanced 4K support and a faster 1.8GHz processor. But, Raspberry Pi is still a long way ahead of the other top tiny processors, and this is the reason why the biggest technology companies are involving with it. Let’s see what this collaboration of Google AI and Raspberry Pi brings for the coders as well as average users.

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