Raspberry Pi in Finalists for MacRobert Awards 2019

Yes, it is the time for MacRobert Awards of 2017, and the finalists are announced. The three global technologies are in the race for getting the top innovation price of the UK, and they are: ‘Vision RT,’ ‘Raspberry Pi,’ and “Darktrace.’ The MacRobert Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering is presented every year to the most impactful, helpful, and exciting innovations in the UK. The winner will be announced soon, but let’s take a look at the finalists. We are happy to announce that the Raspberry is one of the three finalists in the race for the gold winner.

  1. Darktrace: Established in 2013, Darktrace is a cyber-security company based in the UK. It is the leading AI machine learning company in the world for cyber-security. The organization’s immune system uses this ability of self-learning to detect and fight against the potential threats that may be missed by human operators. It is actually changing the field of cyber security.
  2. Raspberry Pi: Most probably, you may know about this world’s most famous, tiny single board computer. The Raspberry Pi Foundation was started in the UK by Eben Upton and his team with an aim to provide an easy and innovative way of electronics learning in the educational institutes. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized low-cost circuit which can perform any task like a full-grown desktop PC. The company has launched upgraded versions of Raspberry Pi kits from time to time and all they have made a huge impact on the market. Today, the Raspberry Pi is not only used by students, but tinkerers, hobbyists, and even professionals across the globe use them to make the everyday life more comfortable.
  3. Vision RT: The Vision RT has really changed the vision and working of the advanced medical field. The company develops world leading technology to track the real-time 3D surface of the patient for giving the SGRT (Surface Guided Radiation Therapy). It enhances the safety and comfort of the treatment to help the radiation therapy in improving efficiency. The speedy treatment and pinpoint accuracy also help to reduce the discomfort of the human.

The winner of 2017 MacRobert Awards will win a cash prize of £50,000 and a gold medal. The awards will be held on 29th June 2017 in London. A dinner of academy awards will be organized, and the winner will be announced in front of an audience of business leaders, engineers, journalists, politicians, and other invitees.

If we take a look back, most of the previous MacRobert Award winner innovations are having an omnipresent today in different fields like medical, engineering, transportation, etc. The first MacRobert Award was jointly given to the Rolls-Royce, FoX, Freeman, and Partners, and to Godfrey Hounsfield and his team at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital’s EMI Central Research Laboratory. Rolls-Royce got it because of the Pegasus engine in the Harrier jets, FoX and partners for the Severn Bridge, and the research team for developing first CT scanner.

As Dr. Frances Saunders who is the judge of the MacRobert Award said,

“The Raspberry Pi has changed the home computing world for the thousands of users across the globe and achieved something that other mainstream companies in the field not could even think or reached any near of that.”

We will update you as soon as the winner is announced. Till then, let’s keep the fingers crossed!

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