Raspberry Pi’s Latest Rival RockPro64 Brings More Power Plus AI Processor

Raspberry Pi's Latest Rival RockPro64

Raspberry Pi’s Latest Rival RockPro64 Brings More Power Plus AI Processor

The Raspberry Pi has so much popularity in the technology world that many companies started producing cheap, feature-packed and durable circuit boards to compete with it. We have seen a few Raspberry Pi alternatives in my previous blog posts, and today we will have a look at another Raspberry Pi rival that claims to be one of the toughest competitors to this tiny, affordable, supercomputer, i.e., Pine64 RockPro64.

Pine64 RockPro64

This budget-friendly computing board comes with a SoC of Rockchip RK3399. You can choose from either RK3399Pro or RK3399 System on Chip. This Single Board Computer (SBC) is available for about $60.

Specifications and features of Pine64 RockPro64

  • It has a dual-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor, a quad-core ARM Cortex -53, and a quad-core Mali-T860Mp4 Graphical processor on a hexa-core SoC.
  • It is the first of its kind of development board with built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) processor.
  • The board has 2GB RAM, 128MB flash memory and USB 3.0 option for connectivity.
  • The RockPro64-AI will have an HDMI port, micro SD card slot, two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, 40-pin GPIO header, WiFi & Bluetooth module sockets, Type-C port for playing 4K videos, and a PCIe4 connector.
  • It will support the Android and Linux platforms.

In the early of Jan 2018, some RK3999 based circuit boards got an introduction aiming towards the business purposes more than the personal home uses.

Availability and Price of RockPro64

The RockPro64 board should be available from the March this year with a price range of $59 to $65. Whereas the AI version of the board may have a price near to $99 and may be available from August this year.

RockPro64 Vs Raspberry Pi 3

As we have seen the specifications of the RockPro64 and the Pi 3 is a favorite, versatile board the specifications of which are known to the world.

Though the RockPro64 are not available yet, Pine64 has already started the distributions of Pine H64 circuit boards from the end of January with a price tag of $25 which is slightly cheaper than the Pi. It will have 1GB of RAM onboard, and if you want to go for 2GB or 3GB RAM, you will need to pay $35 or $45 respectively.

What do you think about RockPro64? Will it give fierce competition to Pi 3 or any from the other Raspberry Pi boards? Will you give it a try for your next electronics project? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and let the world know.

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