Raspberry Pi Foundation Merges with CoderDojo Programming Club

As having the same mission to teach the kids and electronic enthusiasts an easy way of how to code, the major tech foundations; Raspberry Pi and CoderDojo programming club are merging. So now they will help the coders to achieve their goal together. Philip Colligan, CEO of Raspberry Pi Foundation, has explained about this on a blog.

“The joining of tech foundations will create new opportunities for the learners to code in a more creative way.” – Said Philip. With this merger, Raspberry Pi has become the corporate member of CoderDojo programming club, and Philip himself will be one of the directors of charity board. While the Executive Director of CoderDojo Foundation, Giustina Mizzoni mentions that, “this merger will provide more enjoyment to the volunteers and students of her programming club to provide the best possible support of top-class educational resources and materials.”

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is based in the UK and CoderDojo Foundation is located in Ireland. We all know that the first Raspberry Pi was introduced in Feb 2012 by Eben Upton and his team. This original version was intentionally launched for the educational institutes and so was having a tiny design like a credit card. But the design did not prevent it from being able of doing tasks like a desktop computer. While in July 2011, the first CoderDojo was placed in the form of a global coding club network for the kids having age from seven to seventeen. The idea behind setting CoderDojo was to provide a social and safe place for young coders to learn programming skills from each other with support from mentors.

From the past six years, both the foundations have provided amazing things to the world. And now when they joined the forces together, the opportunities will be even more interested and easy, that’s for sure.  

One of the biggest reasons behind this merger was the CoderDojo Coolest Projects even held in Dublin last June. Here, Philip saw many cool and interesting programming from the CoderDojo Ninjas worldwide. These projects included programming in Scratch, hovercraft built with Raspberry Pi, and many others which made a huge impact.

Once the complete merger has been done, the crew members of Raspberry Pi Foundation will provide financial, practical, and also the back-office support to the CoderDojo programming club. By the end of 2020, the CoderDojo has set a goal of having a total number of CoderDojos across the globe not less than 5000. Currently, they have nearly about 1300 coding clubs for kids in the world.

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