Orange Pi PC 2 – The New Quad-Core Computer at $20

If you need a computer which runs Linux or Android and if you have a minuscule budget of about under $30, then the Orange Pi PC 2 is the best option for you. The Orange Pi is the effective version of the $15 clone of Raspberry Pi which comes with all trimmings.

The Orange Pi is a single-board, open-source computer which can run the Debian, Ubuntu, Android, Banana Pi image, and of course the Raspberry Pi image.

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Check the specifications and features of Orange Pi PC 2 :

  • It is a 64-bit quad-core Cortex-A53 computer
  • It is available at $20 which is $15 less than the Raspberry Pi Model B
  • It comes with 1GB DDR3 memory, a high-performance graphics chip, an HDMI port, three USB ports, a physical power switch, and an IR bluster
  • Standalone Hexa-core Mali450 GPU
  • It supports camera input
  • It even has an Ethernet support

If you want to start creating something with the technology rather than just consuming it, then the New Orange Pi is for you. You can simply control the world around you with it.

With the Orange Pi, you can build

  • A wireless server
  • A computer
  • Music, games, and HD video
  • A speaker
  • And much more as it is open-source

With the size of 85×55 mm, the Orange Pi weighs only 70 grams. It supports HDMI output with HDCP, HDMI CEC, and HDMI 30 functions. It has an integrated CVBS which is supported simultaneously with the HDMI. You can give a power supply to it with a DC power source, but remember, it cannot be powered up with a USB OTG. It is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+ with its 40 pins header.


Basically, the Orange Pi can perform all the things which a builder can do with a Raspberry Pi device.  As the revolution started when the first Raspberry Pi got introduced in 2012 and going towards only to the better, the Orange Pi also jumped into the same by providing a single-board computer at just $15. The latter and newer version just got better with a 64-bit quad-core processor and 1GB RAM at $20 only. The Orange Pi PC 2 is an upgraded and better version of the original Orange Pi.

If you have even less budget than $20 and want a computer with an inbuilt WiFi, then you can go for the Orange Pi Zero. Though it is not the Raspberry Pi Zero, you may also are a lover of the oranges.

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