Google is Making AIY Computer Vision Kit for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is already supporting the Google’s Android OS platform that we know. Also, we have seen the project on how you can make the Google Pi Assistant for ordering products and checking live weather and news from your voice commands.

Today I am here to cover the latest news on the Google’s AIY vision Kit for Raspberry Pi. Yes, Google decided to make a computer vision package powered by the Artificial Intelligence to get most out of your Raspberry Pi device. The kit is expected to be shipped on December 31, 2017. You will need to pay around $45 to get this kit from Micro Center.

AIY Vision Kit for Raspberry Pi

The idea of Google behind making this bundle is to help the tinkerers and electronics enthusiast to use the Artificial Intelligence with Raspberry Pi like never before.

At the start of the year 2017, Google launched an AIY voice kit which became popular in no time. It helped many DIYers to create some useful and innovative voice recognized designs.  After the successful project of the network in the cloud connection, Google strived to provide the dominant vision feature to its AIY kit, but this time powered with the Raspberry Pi.


Is this the first project of Google for Raspberry Pi?

NO, it’s the Second. The first was the ‘Voice HAT’ which added stereo microphones to the Raspberry Pi for controlling the Pi-Powered devices through voice commands.

What this computer vision kit includes and what you will need externally?

To create an accurate computer vision machine, you will need a stock of some top components along with a bucket of accessories. Let’s have a look at the things you will get with this Google’s AIY kit and what you will need to get separately for it.

The AIY Vision Kit from Google includes:

  1. A cardboard outer shell
  2. An RGB arcade-style push button
  3. VisionBonnet circuit board
  4. A combination of macro/wide lens kit
  5. Flex cables
  6. A piezo speaker
  7. LEDs
  8. Plastic standoffs
  9. A tripod mounting nut
  10. Other required components to connect all these


You will need to get:

  1. A Raspberry Pi Zero W board (Pi Zero W Kit recommended)
  2. An SD card (8 GB minimum)
  3. A camera for Raspberry Pi
  4. A Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Among all of these, the VisionBonnet is the most essential and useful component of the project. It comes with a low-power vision unit with the MA2450 processor from Intel® Movidius™. This always in the on-mode processor provides peak ability to identify the object in different environments. The high-quality software helps the computer vision kit to identify thousands of objects. To help you change the colors, the Python API is provided.


What the Pi powered AIY vision kit can identify?

  • Almost all kinds of animal species and plants
  • Detects when a person enters your room and sounds an alarm
  • Notices when your car has left the garage
  • Identifies whether your dog or cat has come through the door
  • Can see Person’s expression after watching something different at your home

From where and when you can get this kit?

As I mentioned before, the Google’s AIY Vision Kit for Raspberry Pi will start to ship from the December 31 this year and will cost around $45. You can get this kit from ‘Micro Center’ for now, but it may be soon available at other online and offline places.

Still, have questions or queries about the Google’s AIY computer vision kit? Check out the FAQ page on Micro Center, or you can visit the Google’s official blog on the partnership project with Raspberry Pi.

Pi rocks!

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