Review: Kano Computer Kit with Raspberry Pi

The Kano computer kit is as simple as Lego. And when you get power from the Raspberry Pi for it, you can make a fully-functional computer in no time and with great performance. The combination of a Kano computer kit and the Raspberry Pi results in a great education tool for coding for the beginners in electronics and kids interested in robotics and computing. Today, we will go through the Kano computer kit review with Raspberry Pi.

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What will you get inside the Kano computer kit?

  • The latest and fastest Raspberry Pi 3
  • Wireless Pi keyboard
  • Speaker
  • Protective case
  • Power and HDMI cables
  • SD card
  • User manual
  • Stickers
  • And lots of applications for your Pi-powered computer

The Kano computer kit with Raspberry Pi is a simple, affordable, and efficient STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) computer kit which comes with everything you need to learn to code and build your amazing computer. Over 700 school across the world have accepted this kit for the education and learning tool for the students.

The Operating System

The kano kit review is incomplete without mentioning the OS of the device. Many users prefer to install the Raspbian Operating System because it is Pi powered, but I will recommend keeping the Kano OS as it provides a lot of tools for learning for newcomers and for kids too.

The Kano OS is bundled with the computer kit. You can download the other Raspberry Pi Operating Systems and install on the Kano kit. You can download the Full OS version from the Kano official site here.

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Opening the Kano kit and starting to code

When you get your Kano kit, unbox it to get your boards, bits, cables, and more. Start building your first computer powered with the Raspberry Pi by following the step-by-step instructions given in the manual.

The tiny and powerful Raspberry Pi 3 will act as a brain of your computer. The open-source Kano OS will allow you to learn programming skills and develop the coding mind. You can code in different languages like Unix, JavaScript, Python, etc. to unlock your programming powers.

What I liked in this Kano computer kit with Raspberry Pi

  • The bright and clean interface of the kit
  • Easy access and simple installation process
  • Attractive icons to allow you identify the apps easily and conveniently
  • Fastest Pi member, the Raspberry Pi 3 will power your computer
  • Kano OS comes with plenty of learning tools for kids and beginners in programming
  • A lot of tutorials and coding examples you can find on the Kano website and other online resources which will give you a lot of programming ideas
  • Pre-installed OS on SD card helps you to make music, video, games and other programming applications with ease and step-by-step guide

What I did not like much about it

Every electronic kit or device has pros as well as cons. This is a pretty obvious thing as nothing can be 100% perfect, and scope of improvements are always there. And when I checked the the Kano computer review and tested it by myself, I have seen that it performs extremely well but yet has some things that I did not like much.

  • The applications that come with the pre-installed OS sometimes face some bugs
  • I could not search or view any YouTube videos on this Kano computer; I think the Kano programming team has to take a look into it seriously
  • Sometimes, I felt a weird sound from the speaker while clicking anything or playing music on it (I think this issue is solved in the latest edition of the kit)

Final Verdict

Overall, I think the Kano computer kit with Raspberry Pi is a value for money Stem education kit. Especially if you are a beginner in electronics or going to buy this kit for kids, then you will find everything good into it. The colorful instruction manual will guide you step-by-step coding. The price is a bit higher, but if you are aiming to give education to kids, then it is worthy of it.

You can check the Kano reviews on Amazon and other sites on the web too, which will give more idea about the user experiences and kit performance. Get the Kano computer kit and a display and have a Raspberry Pi powered the fully-operational computer on your desk.


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