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Fixed: Raspberry Pi Not Booting Problem | Pi Troubleshooting

Are you facing the issue of Raspberry Pi not booting? Then, you are on right page. Today, I will provide the solution for Raspberry Pi not booting problem.

The Raspberry Pi is a cheaper, faster, and efficient computing board that can help in making a number of electronics and robotics projects. But, sometimes it becomes annoying when you are going to start a new project, and somehow the Raspberry Pi won’t boot.

Why is your Raspberry Pi 3 Not Booting?

There are some reasons due to any or some of which you may face this Raspberry Pi troubleshooting problem. Let’s have a look at the list:

  1. You have recently run an rpi-update
  2. You have overclocked Raspberry Pi 3 beyond limits
  3. There are some changes made in the configuration file, i.e., in config.txt
  4. If you deleted some important files recently
  5. A new device is just connected to the Pi setup
  6. If the SD card is corrupted
  7. There is a mistake in connecting the wires to the setup
  8. You forced shutdown of Raspberry Pi while some apps are still running or a command line interface is in between a process

Any of the above reason alone or combining with other issues can cause the problem of Raspberry Pi not booting. If you are facing the same with your setup, then check the solution here to get rid of it.

Try these Solutions when raspberry pi won’t boot

For the reasons mentioned above, you can easily troubleshoot the problem and can boot up your Raspberry Pi properly.

Solution-1: Change the configurations settings back

If you recently updated the config.txt file and then suddenly your Pi is facing the booting issues, then undo those changes one by one and see which command change caused the problem.

Solution-2: Don’t use a bad SD card

Corrupted SD card is the most common reason for Raspberry Pi won’t boot problem. If you are using an older Micro SD card with your new Raspberry Pi model, then it can create the problem of compatibility. So, it is better to find a new and correct SD card for Raspberry Pi system to avoid this issue. If you find that your SD card is already corrupted, then don’t attach it to the Pi board. If you get the knowledge after inserting it, then safely remove it from the device.

Solution-3: Make proper connection

As the Raspberry Pi itself works like a full-blown desktop PC, you should make sure that every cable is connected at appropriate place and all the components are attached correctly. Before starting the system, make sure that everything is in right position and joined securely.

Solution-4: Restore the deleted files

If you removed some system files and soon then facing the Pi booting up issues, then it is better to recover those data from the recycle bin. If you permanently deleted those packages, then you can get them by using some recovery software or can take help of the top Raspberry Pi community support.

Solution-5: Reduce the overclocking

If you have overclocked the Raspberry Pi 3 too much, then also it may behave unstable while you boot it up. Make some efforts and try to slow down the overclocking value or time. In most cases, this trick helps.

Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting: More Solutions

If you recently updated the Raspberry Pi, then let it off for some time and then try to reboot it. Always shutdown Raspberry Pi properly with the help of command line interface or desktop window if supported on your device. If your Raspberry Pi is in between some commands, or if some applications are taking a long time to close, then wait to complete such processes. If a newly connected device is causing the Raspberry Pi 3 booting problems, then try to remove the device and check if the problem is fixed.

If you are encountering the problem of Raspberry Pi red light no boot, then it means the power source is not connected correctly. Attach the power cable securely to the Pi and make sure that the adapter is inserted into the power source correctly.  

Are you facing any other issues during the Pi boot up? Do you know any other easy fix for the Raspberry Pi not booting problem? Then you can share your problems or solutions in the comment section below.

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  1. My Pi Mk3+ will not boot, the power supply is fine and the micro SD Card works on another Pi Mk3+.
    On aplying power red LED lights up but not even a green flash from the green LED. the 2 5volt pin show 5v and the 3,5 v pin is 3.5v. For some reason it does just not see the SD Card. Any ideas on re-claiming the Pi or is it past it
    regards Keith Ray

  2. My Raspberry Pi is booting. I have a constant red light. I’ve tried all the previous solutions listed here.
    Formatted the SD Card and installed a new NOORB
    Checked all the connections.
    Changed the power source

    Nothing is helping. The only thing I haven’t done is connect my computer to the Raspberry using a USB to USB cable.

    Any Ideas,
    Thanks, Scott

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