Odroid C2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3 Vs Odroid XU4: Which One is Worthy to Buy?

I still love and recommend the Raspberry Pi 3 as a single board computer in your electronics project than any other board out there. But, I got many of my friends and readers asking about the SBCs from ODROID, especially XU4 and Odroid C2. So, I decided to make the comparison of Odroid Vs Raspberry Pi as well as the difference between the top models from both the companies which are Odroid C2, Raspberry Pi 3 and Odroid XU4.

Odroid Vs Raspberry Pi


The South Korea based company Hardkernel Co. Ltd. develops tablet computers and single board computers in a series named as Odroid. The main reason behind the name ‘Odroid’ is “Open Android.” The hardware is not fully opened though as the company keeps some parts designs as secret. Though it was initially meant for Android platform, soon it started supporting other systems like Linux Distributions quite comfortably.  

Raspberry Pi

This UK based tech company initially launched the tiny, affordable and powerful single board computers for the teaching institutes. The primary models were meant for providing electronics & programming education to the kids in a fun & easy way. It can do the tasks like your full-blown desktop computer and works in Linux based environment.

The advanced Raspberry Pi boards also support the other Operating Systems like Windows and Android. Such super-useful features made it favorite among the tinkerers and electronic enthusiasts worldwide in no time. After the first model launch in February 2012, over 15 Million units of various Raspberry Pi models shipped till today!

After the brief info about both the companies, I will explain the top single board computers from them. I will mention some top features and specifications about the Odroid C2, Raspberry Pi 3, and Odroid XU4 and then will make the comparison of the Odroid C2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3 & Odroid XU4 Vs Raspberry Pi 3.

Odroid C2Odroid C2

In the ARM world, the Odroid C2 is the most budget-friendly single board computer that comes with a 64-bit quad core processor. You can browse the internet, play games, enjoy the home-theatre system, create a prototype, do the office or college work, and much more with the help of this development board.

Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3

As I mentioned quite a few time on my various blogs, the Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest and fastest circuit board from the Raspberry Pi family. It has onboard WiFi and Bluetooth functionality and comes with 64-bit quad-core CPU. It has the size of a credit-card similar to its predecessors. But don’t get fooled by its size as it is almost ten times faster than the original Pi.

Check about the Raspberry Pi models and the Raspberry Pi 3 benchmark to know more about the capabilities of this tiny single board computer.

Odroid C2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3

Odroid C2 is a solid rival of the Pi 3 and is one of the best Raspberry Pi alternatives available in the market today. It has the similar design and price range to the Raspberry Pi 3. But due to its noticeable upgraded factors than Pi 3, the Odroid C2 delivers superior performance depending on the electronics project you are doing.

Odroid C2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3

Let’s have a look at the comparison of the Odroid C2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3 in terms of specifications and features:

FeatureOdroid C2Raspberry Pi 3
ProcessorARM Cortex-A53 Quad CoreARM Cortex-A53 Quad Core
SoCAmlogic S905Broadcom BCM2837
Clock Speed2GHz1.2GHz
GPUMali™-450Broadcom VideoCore IV @ 250 MHz
Inbuilt WiFi/BluetoothNoYes
Storage ThroughMMC/Micro SD CardMicro SDHC Card
USB Ports4 USB 2.0 Hosts, 1 USB OTG for Power/Data4 USB 2.0 Ports
GPIO Pins40pin GPIO Header + 7pin I2S40 GPIO Pins
Operating SystemsUbuntu 16.04, Android 5.1 (Lollipop)Linux Distributions, Android, Windows 10 IOT and other OS

Odroid XU4Odroid XU4

The Odroid XU4 is an upgraded version of the Odroid XU3. It has an additional USB 3.0 port, a Gigabit Ethernet, a full HDMI connector, and still occupies less space than in its predecessor. It is able to run the programs like Microsoft Office and Skype Business App by using Exagear Desktop. With the Ubuntu Operating Systems, you will be able to do online/offline video playing, document editing in office apps, browsing the web through the supportive browsers, and coding in top programming applications.

Odroid XU4 Vs Raspberry Pi 3

Odroid XU4 Vs Raspberry Pi 3

There are some quite significant differences between both these powerful SBCs. Let’s have a look at them below:

FeatureOdroid XU4Raspberry Pi 3
ProcessorCortex-A15 + Cortex A7 (Octa-Core)ARM Cortex-A53 Quad Core
SoCSamsung Exynos544Broadcom BCM2837
Clock Speed2GHz + 1.4GHz1.2GHz
USB Ports1 USB 2.0 + 2 USB 3.04 USB 2.0
GPIO30 + 12 Pin GPIOs40 Pin GPIO
Operating SystemsUbuntu, Android, Debian, OpenELEC, Fedora, ARCHLinux  Windows 10 IOT, Ubuntu, Android, Raspbian, OSMC, and much more

Odroid C2 Vs Raspberry Pi 3 Vs Odroid XU4: Which is Worthy?

I strongly recommend all of these three SBCs to the professionals who want an affordable and feature-rich board for their commercial project.

On the one hand, the Odroid C2 and Odroid XU4 outperform the Raspberry Pi 3 in terms of software and hardware in most cases. While the Raspberry Pi 3 ranks at the top of the current best single board computers according to the reviews of the global users. The Pi 3 not only available at a cheaper price than the C2 and XU4 from Odroid, but also the community support of the Raspberry Pi family can help you from A to Z in any of your electronics project powered by Pi.

What do you think? Which is the best among these three as per your thought? Which SBC will you pick for your next project? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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