Best Raspberry Pi Books with Project Ideas of 2019

So, you have your Raspberry Pi kit and are all excited to do wonders with this tiny yet powerful single board computer. But, where will you start from? Yes, there are tons of online tutorial and YouTube videos available to help you do various robotics and electronics projects with Pi. But, the Raspberry Pi books are staying at the top of them. A formative book can provide the confidence at the beginner stages by learning new project ideas. Such book also guides the experts on how they can tinker with their current Raspberry Pi setup. So, let’s have a look at the best books for Raspberry Pi learning with project ideas.

Best Raspberry Pi Books

1) Raspberry Pi User Guide (4th Edition) by Eben Upton


This book is famous as an “unofficial official guide” for the Raspberry Pi 3. It is written by the Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton and his partner Gareth Halfacree. You will get the intro directly to the faster Pi member, i.e., Raspberry Pi 3 software and its working.

Features of the Raspberry Pi User Guide from Eben Upton are:

  • It is the 4th edition of the series, which contains each and everything you need to know about the Pi 3 functionality
  • You will learn how to set Raspberry Pi 3 & its accessories from the beginning
  • This book will help you to code your own customized programs in Scratch & Python
  • It covers information on Raspberry Pi boards, their parts, accessories, project ideas, and tutorials to do them successfully
  • Not only the Raspberry Pi board, but also, you will get the knowledge about the USB wireless dongles, monitors, and other components that can be used in your projects

2) Programming the Raspberry Pi, Second Edition: Getting Started with Python by Simon Monk

51aAh0MYaaL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_This second edition book on ‘Programming the Raspberry Pi’ by Simon Monk will help you to learn and create inventive programs with your Raspberry Pi. It doesn’t matter if you have no programming experience, this book will guide you through the step-by-step process to learn your beloved Pi model.

Features of the Raspberry Pi 2nd edition book from Simon Monk are:

  • This upgraded programming guide helps to learn to program with Python
  • The Bestseller on AMAZON in Mainframes & Minicomputers category
  • You will learn to create fun games and innovative programming with your Pi device
  • It covers the Raspberry Pi 2 model B and the upgraded Raspbian OS
  • It is simply one of the best raspberry pi books for learning Python

3) Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects for the Evil Genius


Donald Norris has written this book for the genius minds of Raspberry Pi users. This guide has a full illustration of the various electronics, robotics, computing, and photography projects that can be done with the help of Pi single board computers.

Features of Raspberry Pi Electronics Projects for the Evil Genius Book from Donald Norris are:

  • This book covers most of the versions of Raspberry Pi including Model A, Model B, Model A+, Model B+, and Raspberry Pi 2
  • It is available in both Kindle and Paperback formats
  • Almost any DIY Raspberry Pi project can be done with ease using this book
  • You will learn to code programs using platforms like Python, Java, and C
  • Projects like BrickPi robot, point-and-shoot camera, program operated radio, etc. can be finished successfully with the help of the instructions in this guide

4) Raspberry Pi for Dummies (3rd Edition) by Sean McManus


This quick learning book by Sean McManus will help you to become an expert in the field by completing your Raspberry Pi project and programming in a flash. It is specially designed for the newcomers in the electronics field. The 3rd Edition of the “Raspberry Pi for Dummies” is a comprehensive guide with an aligned update of the latest Pi technology.

Features of the Raspberry Pi for Dummies by Sean McManus are:

  • It covers the Raspberry Pi boards, keyboard, mouse, and other components to provide the best knowledge to beginners
  • You will learn about the Linux distros and how to install them on your system
  • This book helps to complete the simple Raspberry Pi hardware projects to make you get going in the field
  • You will learn to create online pages by programming with Scratch
  • Whether you are a rookie or the hardware geek, this Pi book will encourage learning the Raspberry Pi programming and do projects with Sonic Pi, LEDs, RFIDs, etc.

5) Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Anne Philbin

512a7SWZv9L._SX396_BO1,204,203,200_This super fun guide to Raspberry Pi from Carrie Anne Philbin will help you start programming quickly. The “Adventures in Raspberry Pi” will show you how to set up and get started with developing on the Raspberry Pi device.

Features of the Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Anne Philbin are:

  • The 3rd edition includes 9 cool projects to show you developing the Raspberry Pi
  • It is updated with the latest release of the Rev3 board
  • It tells you everything you need to know about the Raspberry Pi
  • You will learn basic programming, system administrative skills, and much more with this adventurous guide
  • Each project in the book includes a video which includes step-by-step instructions for the project to let you start developing the design

6) Exploring Raspberry Pi: Interfacing to the Real World with Embedded Linux

Exploring Raspberry PiThis Raspberry Pi guide is written by Derek Molloy. It is the first edition of the series. It starts with basic programming skills in Linux and helps you to finish some seriously exciting projects using the Raspberry Pi boards.

Features of Exploring Raspberry Pi Book by Derek Molloy are:

  • You will get a quick intro of the Linux distros
  • This Pi book will help you to code & handle custom applications using IoT (Internet of Things) and Raspberry Pi server
  • The communication and control concepts for interfacing to the real world using embedded Linux
  • Raspberry Pi projects with audio and video applications can be completed with the help of this guide
  • By exploring the Raspberry Pi, you will be able to create unique, useful, and innovative designs on your own

All the above listed Raspberry Pi books come with step-by-step coding tutorials to help you do your Pi project easily & quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you have the first ever introduced Raspberry Pi One or the latest and fastest version of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, these books will guide you for doing various types of innovative and useful projects. Check all the book details and choose the most suitable fit according to your skills and level.

Good Luck!

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