NanoPC-T4: A Powerful Raspberry Pi Alternative from FriendlyArm

The Raspberry Pi is a strong contender when it comes to the Single Board Computers. There are quite a significant number of Raspberry Pi competitors out there in the market, and a few of them are giving fierce competition to the Pi boards. Recently, FriendlyArm launched an updated version of their ARM board which is known as the NanoPC-T4. Today, we will take a quick look at this powerful Raspberry Pi alternative. (more…)

Raspberry Pi 4 Release Date, Rumours & Availability

[Latest News] Raspberry Pi 4 Release Date, Rumours & Availability

Information Technology is ruling the world since last 3-4 years. There’s a ton of new applications and software launched daily. People love using applications which make their life easier and much better than it was yesterday. There are very few who really focuses on what goes behind the scenes i.e. hardware. The core foundation of software is originated from hardware, so without hardware, you cannot even create an application which can just simply add numbers for you. (more…)


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