Top Raspberry Pi 3 Alternatives (1)

Best Raspberry Pi Alternatives of 2019 | Single Board Computers

Without any doubt in mind, we will say that all the members of the Raspberry Pi family are excellent and value for money. Whether it is the first experimental Pi model or the fastest Raspberry Pi 3, the $5 Pi Zero computer or its upgraded and latest version Pi Zero W, each of the newly launched model is better than its predecessor in either one or more areas.

You can do anything with this single board computer like displaying on board messages, running the Android, doubling as a wireless router, or using it as a fully-functional computer. With such a huge demand and popularity, many brands were inspired to build such low-cost and feature-rich single board computers to become the top recommendations for the Raspberry Pi alternatives. Many of them failed to gain the popularity as the Pi has, but some of them indeed became the Raspberry Pi Competitors.

Today, we will discuss such great Raspberry Pi 3 alternatives like Beaglebone, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Asus Tinker Board, etc. and check the comparison of Beaglebone Vs Raspberry Pi 3 which will give you a clear idea about the alternatives to Raspberry Pi. (more…)


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