Hifiberry DAC+ Pro Reviewed and Compared (1)

Hifiberry DAC+ Pro Reviewed and Compared

If you own a Raspberry Pi computer, then you know that you will need a sound card to get an audio output from it. Today, we will discuss about the DAC+ PRO sound card from HiFiBerry. It is a digital-to-analog converter with a high resolution which is designed for various Raspberry Pi models like A+, B+, 2B, and 3B. Here, we will provide you the HiFiBerry DAC+ Review including its features, specs, design, cost, setup time, and comparison with the other popular sound cards. Read on. (more…)

Raspberry Pi 3 vs Pi 2 vs Pi B+ (Benchmark & Review)

On their fourth birthday on 29th February 2016, the Raspberry Pi has introduced a high powered, fast processing board named as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Before the latest version of the Pi family has been delivered to the world, the company has already shipped over 8 million units of the Raspberry Pi devices! And only within a day, not everyone can decide whether this latest Pi member is worth to buy or should I replace it with my older models or not?

To help the potential Pi users with that, I have tested the main boards of Raspberry Pi and created this comprehensive Raspberry Pi 3 Benchmark. By keeping in mind the interests of all users, I also have listed some approximate information about the Power usage with the technical capability of the Pi devices. Let us go to the detailed Review of Raspberry Pi 3 below. (more…)


Canakit vs Vilros Raspberry Pi Starter Kits Review

Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 
In our previous post, you found some of the best raspberry pi starter kits those are available currently in the market. But, sometimes it may be a quite a confusing task to choose the best among the bests, especially for the beginners in the electronics field. So, for making your task easier, I have decided to write a review of the top 2 raspberry pi starter kits of 2016. The first is the Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit and the second is the Vilros Ultimate Starter kit for Raspberry Pi 2. Both the kits are good for running as a media center, as a microcontroller, or to run with various Operating Systems like Unix/Linux, etc. Let’s go into detail for the Canakit Vs Vilros Raspberry Pi Starter Kit Review.

Let me explain you some amazing features and specifications of the Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit and the Vilros Ultimate Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit. It will help you to get the best comparison of Canakit vs Vilros starter kits for raspberry pi 2. (more…)

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit

Review of CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit

Hello, readers! Hope you are getting good knowledge about the Raspberry Pi Starter Kits from the Raspberry Pi Lists. Hence, this is the first review for our potential readers, let me start with the best selling raspberry pi 2 starter kit on amazon. I am talking about the Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit. It is an exclusive raspberry pi 2 starter kit designed by Canakit which includes everything a person need to explore the amazing world of Raspberry Pi! I received the kit just a day before, let me give you the “Review of Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit”. You can check the next post of Canakit Vs Vilros. (more…)