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Review: Kano Computer Kit with Raspberry Pi

Review: Kano Computer Kit with Raspberry Pi

The Kano computer kit is as simple as Lego. And when you get power from the Raspberry Pi for it, you can make a fully-functional computer in no time and with great performance. The combination of a Kano computer kit and the Raspberry Pi results in a great education tool for coding for the beginners in electronics and kids interested in robotics and computing. Today, we will go through the Kano computer kit review with Raspberry Pi.


Ultimaker 2 vs replicator 2 3D Printers

Ultimaker 2 vs Makerbot replicator 2 3D Printers – Reviewed and Compared

With the technology revolution, there are dozens of brands who provide the best 3D printers with affordable prices. Such situations create a confusion for you to choose the most relevant product for your use. You can Make 3D printer using Raspberry Pi too. So, I have decided to pick the two top most 3D printers available in the market today and reviewed and compared them here to make the picking task easy for you. One among the two 3D printers is the Ultimaker 2 and the second is the Makerbot Replicator 2. Check both the 3D printers below. (more…)

Orange Pi – The New Quad-Core Computer at $20

Orange Pi PC 2– The New Quad-Core Computer at $20

If you need a computer which runs Linux or Android and if you have a minuscule budget of about under $30, then the Orange Pi PC 2 is the best option for you. The Orange Pi is the effective version of the $15 clone of Raspberry Pi which comes with all trimmings.

The Orange Pi is a single-board, open-source computer which can run the Debian, Ubuntu, Android, Banana Pi image, and of course the Raspberry Pi image. (more…)

Finally: Official Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit is Now on Sale

When the first launch of the original version of the Raspberry Pi made by the UK based company, they expected to touch the ten thousand mark of the total unit sale of the lifetime. The goal of the Raspberry Pi Organization was to provide a cheap credit-card sized computer which not compromised with the performance. Moreover, with the surprise for all those in the technical field, the has announced the successful sale of the 10th million Raspberry Pi unit.

To celebrate this beautiful moment of ten million sales, an official bundle of the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit is launched by the company for Pi lovers. In this official package, you will get:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • A 2.5A power supply
  • 8GB SD card
  • 1 meter HDMI cable
  • An optical mouse plus keyboard
  • The official RPI case
  • Single copy of “Adventures in Raspberry Pi” (Official Edition).

Right now the kit is available for sale in the UK region only, but the company aimed to make it available for the rest of the world soon. Currently, the official Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit is priced at 99 Pounds only.

This single board computer runs on a free operating system through an SD card and which is preloaded by the company. It can power by a USB charger of a cell phone, and all you want to need is to connect your Pi device with your PC. This latest Pi 3 model of the company supports the Raspbian OS, and compatible with the latest Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu, and more. It has a quad-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A53 processor and 1 GB of Random Access Memory.

If you are a UK resident and love the Pi models, then there is no time to wait; get this official Pi starter kit now. Moreover, if you are living outside the UK, then stay tuned; the company will launch it on the global market anytime in the next few weeks.

Note: The Official Starter kit is NOT yet available in USA.

Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply of 2016

Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply

If you are finding a power supply for your beloved raspberry pi, then I have listed the best raspberry pi power supply from amazon. Power supply depends on the output devices which you have connected to Raspberry Pi in your project. So, Power supply will increase if you increase more interfaces. Basically Raspberry pi requires +5v @2A power supply except raspberry pi 3. You can power your raspberry pi via 3 ways.

  1. Raspberry Pi Power Supply
  2. Via GPIO
  3. Via USB ports

Raspberry pi power adapter is the easiest and recommended a way to power your raspberry Pi. Power Adapter will be connected to raspberry pi via “Micro USB power input”. (more…)

Top Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

Top Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

As we all know that a Raspberry Pi is a super-tiny, affordable and multi-tasking computer developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation. After the first launch of the original Pi model in February 2012, the company has introduced different and upgraded versions of Pi family including Raspberry Pi model A, A+, B, B+, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi Zero, and Raspberry Pi 3. Till the date, the company has shipped over 8.5 million Raspberry Pi devices all over the world which shows the popularity of this amazing credit-card sized computer. If you are one of the lucky people who already has got the Raspberry Pi device, the next thing you should think about for doing a useful and creative design with it. (more…)

Top Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits

Top Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits

If you are an electronic geek or interested in electrical stuff, then you must aware about the Raspberry Pi Zero. This $5 version of the Raspberry Pi Models is a huge hit and selling out everywhere in a fraction of the time it available online. It is a powerful super tiny computer comes with 512MB of RAM and a 40% faster processor than the original Raspberry Pi. If you are the lucky one among the 20,000 owners of the Raspberry Pi Zero, then the next thing comes in your mind should be what to do next? (more…)

Top Micro SD Cards for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

Top Micro SD Cards for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

The Raspberry Pi models are designed to work with any compatible micro SD cards. And in the recent years, the importance of using Micro SD cards has been increased drastically. The popularity of the Raspberry Pi Kits has played a big part in it. Because the all the models of Pi family including Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 rely on SD card for the process of booting the OS and storing the data files. But, knowing the importance of a Micro SD card for a Raspberry device is a totally different thing than choosing the best Micro SD card for your Raspberry Pi model. Check this post for getting a list of the Top Micro SD Cards for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.

Top Wireless Keyboard for Raspberry Pi

Top Wireless Keyboards for Raspberry Pi

You know well about the Raspberry Pi starter kits, right? If no, then you can check posts on the best starter kits for Raspberry Pi on our site. If yes, then you are good to go with this article. Yes, you are having your favorite Raspberry Pi starter kit in your hand and your mind has already developed many ideas to create awesome designs with it. But, before starting a good project, you need some certain things to get the best out of your Pi device. A wireless Raspberry Pi keyboard is one from it. For making an extra and complex stuff, you need a good-quality Bluetooth keyboard for your Raspberry Pi. Check this below post to get a one for your beloved Pi device. (more…)

Best Raspberry Pi Model

Best Raspberry Pi Models

If you are reading this blog through a relevant keyword search, then you should know about the Raspberry Pi products. And if you have clicked on this post from a random search, then I worry that you probably know about this super tiny programmable computer. Let me give a brief on it first. If you already know about it, you can simply scroll down for the review, and if you are a beginner in the field of electronics and new to this name, then just go the next paragraph and you will have no doubt in mind after reading that.