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Raspberry Pi 4 Release Date, Rumours & Availability

[Latest News] Raspberry Pi 4 Release Date, Rumours & Availability

Information Technology is ruling the world since last 3-4 years. There’s a ton of new applications and software launched daily. People love using applications which make their life easier and much better than it was yesterday. There are very few who really focuses on what goes behind the scenes i.e. hardware. The core foundation of software is originated from hardware, so without hardware, you cannot even create an application which can just simply add numbers for you. (more…)

Raspberry Pi HDMI Not Working

Solved: Raspberry Pi HDMI Not Working | Display Problems

Until now, you may have completed a number of robotics and electronics projects with the Raspberry Pi boards. I too have tested and done a few projects with these super powerful computing boards. I have covered some how-to guides and tutorials some of which I faced in my own experiments and some other from the requests by my readers. Today, I am explaining the solution to another common problem with many Raspberry Pi projects; Raspberry Pi HDMI not working. In other words, we will make the Pi display from the HDMI port even if it doesn’t want it to do!


Raspberry Pi 2 WiFi Adapter

Top Raspberry Pi 2 WiFi Adapters

When you start using your Raspberry Pi, you may use the Ethernet connection to setup everything and ensure that the working is all good. However, can you just keep using Ethernet? Not really. At some point, you will have to switch to WiFi because it will help you enhance the performance of your Raspberry Pi device and also increase its speed.

Now, since there are so many Raspberry Pi WiFi adapters out there, chances are that you will be confused. That’s why it is ideal that you go through a few of the best WiFi dongles for Raspberry Pi out there and choose one based on your needs. We have listed a few out here for you.



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