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Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit

Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit Reviewed and Compared

Nowadays, the beautiful and STEM learning gadgets like computers, smartphones, and DIY kits give a good understanding of the electronics working and also provide room for tinkering to the kids and beginners in the field. The Piper computer kit is a great package to build a real, general use computer and electronics programs. Today, I will review the Piper Raspberry Pi computer kit and compare it with another top-rated self-building PC kit to give you a clear idea. (more…)

Raspberry Pi Network Security Tips

Top 5 Raspberry Pi Network Security Tips for Beginners

Malware and viruses are everywhere on the internet and in the computing systems. And it had not left the Raspberry Pi too. In the second half of May 2017, a Trojan was detected in Linux environment named as Linux.MulDrop.14. As the Raspberry Pi devices are mostly depended on the Linux distribution, they are affected the most. The Trojan came in the form of a script with the aim of mining the compressed and encrypted techniques. It surely creates a question for the Raspberry Pi network security. (more…)

Raspberry Pi in Finalists for MacRobert Awards

Raspberry Pi in Finalists for MacRobert Awards 2017

Yes, it is the time for MacRobert Awards of 2017, and the finalists are announced. The three global technologies are in the race for getting the top innovation price of the UK, and they are: ‘Vision RT,’ ‘Raspberry Pi,’ and “Darktrace.’ The MacRobert Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering is presented every year to the most impactful, helpful, and exciting innovations in the UK. The winner will be announced soon, but let’s take a look at the finalists. We are happy to announce that the Raspberry is one of the three finalists in the race for the gold winner. (more…)

Arlo Pro vs Arlo vs Blink vs Nest

Arlo Pro vs Arlo vs Blink vs Nest – Security Camera Systems Compared

In this new age of security, there is an increased demand for surveillance options, especially when it comes to protecting your home and family. However purchasing the best security camera system can be a mind-boggling experience to someone who is new to the world of home surveillance.

That is why we have come up with the 4 best cameras on the market and compared them just for you. We have listed each of their advantages & disadvantages and compared them to give you the best security camera system for your requirement. (more…)

Asus Tinker Board Arrives in US

Asus Tinker Board Arrives in US – Competitor to Raspberry Pi

In the January 2017, ASUS has released a top competitor of Raspberry Pi in the form a single board computer named as Tinker Board. It was put in the direct competition to Raspberry Pi. Though the ASUS Tinker Board is costly than the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, it offers some extra features and performance which make it a worth purchase. Till the date, this amazing SBC was available only in the UK and neighbor regions, but now finally, it is also available in the US market.


Top Raspberry Pi 3 Alternatives (1)

Top Raspberry Pi 3 Alternatives of 2017 | Single Board Computers

Without any doubt in mind, we will say that all the members of the Raspberry Pi family are excellent and value for money. Whether it is the first experimental Pi model or the fastest Raspberry Pi 3, the $5 Pi Zero computer or its upgraded and latest version Pi Zero W, each of the newly launched model is better than its predecessor in either one or more areas.

You can do anything with this single board computer like displaying on board messages, running the Android, doubling as a wireless router, or using it as a fully-functional computer. With such a huge demand and popularity, many brands were inspired to build such low-cost and feature-rich single board computers to become the top recommendations for the Raspberry Pi alternatives. Many of them failed to gain the popularity as the Pi has, but some of them indeed became the Raspberry Pi Competitors.

Today, we will discuss such great Raspberry Pi 3 alternatives like Beaglebone, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Asus Tinker Board, etc. and check the comparison of Beaglebone Vs Raspberry Pi 3 which will give you a clear idea about the alternatives to Raspberry Pi. (more…)